Üçün mahnı
Ucun mahni Anar Baylar
Final 14th August 2015
Venue Baku Media Center
Baku, Azerbaijan
Presenter(s) Sevinj Osmanqizi
Broadcaster AzTV
Entries 4
System 100% Public vote
Winner Flag of Azerbaijan Anar Baylar
"Sən və Mən"
Üçün mahnı
Eurovision Heart

Üçün mahnı Anar Baylar was the second edition of the alternative Azerbaijani national selection which selected Azerbaijan's entry for the sixteenth edition of North Vision Song Contest.


On the 9th August, AzTV announced the artist who would represent Azerbaijan at the sixteenth North Vision Song Contest. Over the next four days, AzTV released the names of the 4 entries which would partake in the selection.


Draw Language Artist Song Place Percentage
01 Azerbaijani Anar Baylar "Ümid Yox" 2 24.56%
02 Azerbaijani Anar Baylar "Geriyə" 4 5.26%
03 Azerbaijani Anar Baylar "Sən və Mən" 1 50.88%
04 Azerbaijani Anar Baylar "Darıxıram Mən" 3 19.3%


After all of the song entries has been revealed, AzTV set up an online poll which allowed the public to vote for their favourite entry. The entry which received the highest percentage of votes would then be revealed as the official Azerbaijani entry of the sixteenth edition of the North Vision Song Contest.

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