Șansa ta 01
Sansa ta 01
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Final 17th November 2013
Venue Palatul Național
Chisinau, Moldova
Presenter(s) Natalia Barbu
Broadcaster TRM
Entries 11
System 100% international jury (20 countries)
Winner Mani & FireLove - "Miroase-a mare"
Șansa ta
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Șansa ta 1 is the first edition of Șansa ta, the first regular Moldovian national selection for North Vision Song Contest. It selects the Moldovian entry for sixth edition.


On the 31th October, TRM announced their first, big National Selection series: Șansa ta. Starting with the 1st November and ending at the 11th November, the 11 acts of the first edition were announced. On each day, one act was announced together with its song. The acts were announced in the order where they participated, same goes for the order of the groups being announced.

The 5 Moldovian acts were the first ones being announces, on the 1st - 5th November. The 5 Romanian acts were announced at the 6th - 10th November. The Foreign act was announced on the 11th November. At 15th November, the venue was published: The Palatul Național in Chisinau, the same goes for the presenter. Natalia Barbu, famous for her participation in Eurovision for Moldova and her commercials, was announced to be the presenter on the 15th November.


Draw Group Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Moldova Moldova Angelika Vee "Tokyo Love" 09 90
02 Flag of Moldova Moldova Sasha Lopez ft. Radio Killer "Perfect Day" 10 89
03 Flag of Moldova Moldova Karizma "On My Way" 03 131
04 Flag of Moldova Moldova Tania Cerga ft. Speak "La mare" 07 103
05 Flag of Moldova Moldova Mani & FireLove "Miroase-a mare" 01 139
Interval act - Dan Balan ft. Tany Vander & Brasco - "Lendo Calendo"
06 Flag of Romania Romania Ami "Trumpet Lights" 08 94
07 Flag of Romania Romania Cabron "Letz be friends" 11 18
08 Flag of Romania Romania Mandinga "La vita e bella" 02 134
09 Flag of Romania Romania Gipsy Casual "Bate Toba Mare" 04 123
10 Flag of Romania Romania Junior High "Bucharest Girls" 06 117
Interval act - Inna - "Fall In Love/Lie"
11 Flag of the United States Foreign act Britt Nicole "Welcome To The Show" 05 122
Interval act - Cassadee Pope - "Wasting All These Tears"


The 20 countries, who are in the jury, have to vote in Eurovision/Northvision style (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12).

Jury countries

Countries Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Romania, Croatia, Norway, Belgium, FYR Macedonia, Lebanon, Moldova 20


  1. Flag of Liechtenstein Marina Nigg
  2. Flag of Ukraine Svetlana Loboda
  3. Flag of Poland Honorata Honey Skarbek
  4. Flag of Estonia TBA
  5. Flag of Denmark Sisse Marie
  6. Flag of Portugal Luan Santana
  7. Flag of Hungary Lorànt Deutsch
  8. Flag of Kazakhstan TBA
  1. Flag of Cyprus Demy
  2. Flag of France Marie-Mai
  3. Flag of United Kingdom Lily Allen
  4. Flag of Sweden Darine
  5. Flag of Azerbaijan Safura
  6. Flag of Romania Alexandra Stan
  1. Flag of Croatia Vesna Pisarovic
  2. Flag of Norway Maria Mena
  3. Flag of Belgium Stromae
  4. Flag of FYR Macedonia Magdalena Cvetkoska Ena
  5. Flag of Lebanon TBA
  6. Flag of Moldova Aliona Moon