12 points to Titanium 01
Final Aug 28, 2013
Venue New Zealand
Broadcaster TVNZ
Entries 3
Winner Titanium - "Come on Home"
Eurovision Heart

12 points to Titanium: NS for New Zealand in EVSC1 was a competition that selected Flag of New Zealand New Zealand's entry for the East Vision Song Contest 1. All the songs were performed by the New Zealand pop boy band Titanium; the winning song was "Come on Home"


TVNZ confirmed the participation of New Zealand in East Vision Song Contest 1 and announced the first edition of 12 points to Titanium: the National Selection for New Zealand in EVSC1.


The final started on Aug 28, 2013. The full results were announced after the end of the selection.

Draw Artist Language Song Place
01 Titanium English "Come on Home" 01
02 Titanium English "Sky" 02
03 Titanium English "For the First Time" 03

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