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AVEM ("We have") is an annual music competition organised by Teleradio Moldova (TRM) to determines the country's representative for the North Vision Song Contest. It has organized the Moldavian entries for the fifteenth edition, seventeenth edition and every edition afterwards.



Logo used for the first edition

AVEM is a mixture of several selection methods in both the Eurovision Song Contest and the North Vision Song Contest.

It is primarily influenced by Melodi Grand Prix and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix from the Eurovision Song Contest aswell as Fantasifestivalen, North Laul and the predecessor Șansa ta in the North Vision Song Contest.


The acts primarily origin from Moldova with partly Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian roots. The selection focuses on presenting national talents from Moldova. Hence, the broadcaster tries to include only a small amount of foreign acts. Due to the huge diaspora of Moldovans in other countries, this can not be excluded entirely.

Selection of contestants


Roughly four weeks before each show, TRM opens the submissions for entries to be sent to There, the acts are rated by a jury of ten, who determine the performers at the casting.


Out of all submitted entries, roughly one sixth move to the classified castings, where a jury of five professionals selects the acts to participate in AVEM by different criteria such as vocals, originality and impression.


One week after the castings, TRM publishes all official acts of AVEM with the official announcement of the current edition of the selection.

Artists that participated most times in the contest

App. Artist Participation as solo artist Participation in a group/duet
6 Dianna Rotaru #15, #17, #19, #20, #21 #18
4 Nicoleta Nucă #18, #19, #20, #21
3 Carla's Dreams #19, #20 #18
Dara #20, #21 #18
Ionel Istrati #17, #19, #20
Katy Rain #15, #19, #21
2 Adriana Rusu #17, #21
Ale Blake #17, #18
Arsenium #15, #18
DJ Layla #18, #19
IAN & Tyana #19, #20
Sasha Lopez #17, #18
Tanya German #18, #21
Vanotek #17, #21
Vasile Macovei #15, #21


In almost all cases, Chisinau is selected as host city for the national selection. AVEM has so far only been hosted in the TRM Arena.


Edition Format Date Locations Hosts Voting
#15 6 songs, one show 16 July 2015 TRM Arena in Chisinau Geta Burlacu 100% SMS and telephone voting.
#17 13 songs, 2 semi-finals (4 qualifiers), one second chance round (1 qualifier) & one final (1 pre-qualified act) 10 November 2015 - 6 December 2015 Olivia Furtuna 50% Jury, 50% SMS and telephone voting in the final. 100% SMS and telephone voting in the heats, gold final and Second Chance round.
#18 13 songs, 2 semi-finals (3 qualifiers), one second chance round (3 qualifiers) & one final (1 pre-qualified act) potentially leading to a gold final of 4 entries 27 December 2015 - 19 February 2016 Tania Cergă & Pasha Parfeny
#19 21 March 2016 - May 2016 Tatiana Gribincea & Olga Fesenco
#20 Summer 2016 Vasile Macovei
#21 17 songs, 2 semi-finals (3 qualifiers), one second chance round (3 qualifiers) & one final (1 pre-qualified act) potentially leading to a gold final of 4 entries 3 October 2016 - 5 November 2016 Angelica Vasilcov & Ionel Istrati


All Moldovan North Vision representatives since the fifteenth edition (with the exception of NVSC #16) have participated in AVEM and won in their respective editions.

Edition Artist Song Translation Points Margin Position in North Vision
#15 Dima Trofim "Cersesc iubire" Begging For Love 196 89 17th (SF), 42pts
#17 Adriana Rusu "Arde (Bol'no)" Burn (Painfully) 117 16 19th, 88pts
#18 Sonya Kay "Obnimi menya" Give Me A Hug 136 1 11th, 133pts
#19 Nicoleta Nuca "Inima mea" My Heart 168 33 19th, 189pts
#20 Irina Rimes "Visele" Dreams 163 1 5th, 349pts
#21 To be determined To be determined

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