Official Logo published by TRM
Final 16 July
Venue TRM Arena
Chisinau, Moldova
Presenter(s) Geta Burlacu
Broadcaster TRM
Entries 6
System 100% SMS and telephone voting.
Winner Dima Trofim
"Cersesc iubire"
Eurovision Heart 02 ►

AVEM 01 is the first edition of the Moldovan music competition AVEM that selects Moldova's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 15.


On 29 June, TRM announced AVEM 01 in all its detail. The official schedule aswell as the logo were the first to be presented in a press conference. The logo is a replica to the original slogan of North Vision Song Contest 15, "Painting Worlds", and full-fills its purpose of being colourful. It was announced that AVEM 01 shall have two rounds, with three qualifiers in the second one determining the victor. This, however, was cancelled in the last moments due to the deadline given by the North Broadcasting Union.

Later on this day, all six songs and their artists were published on Twitter, YouTube and Spotify with the tagline #AvemArtist ("#WeHaveArtist").

Voting System

The voting system offered every participating individual of North Vision Song Contest 15 the chance to vote. Everyone has had 1000 calls at disposal to split up between all songs, whereas no song could get less than 50 or more than 750 calls.


Draw Language Artist Song English translation Place Points TV
01 Russian Arsenium "Sotri ego" Erase it 4th 86 4051
02 English Katy Rain "I Wanna Paint" 3rd 96 4521
03 English and Romanian Doredos "Maricica" 6th 66 3105
04 Romanian Dima Trofim "Cersesc iubire" Begging for love 1st 196 9186
05 Romanian Vasile Macovei "Pana-N Zori" Until at dawn 5th 67 3162
06 Romanian Dianna Rotaru "Am plecat" I am gone 2nd 107 5041


At the final results on the scoreboard, all calls were shared between all regions of Moldova, including cultural voting preferences without editing the final result. It also kept the voting fresh and exiting till the end.

Song Flag of Moldova
Flag of Moldova
Flag of Moldova
Flag of Moldova
Flag of Moldova
Flag of Moldova
Points Place
1 "Sotri ego" 400 1231 451 709 257 1003 4051 4
2 "I Wanna Paint" 1031 852 872 378 528 868 4528 3
3 "Maricica" 510 426 872 256 350 690 3105 6
4 "Cersesc iubire" 541 1491 917 869 1734 3633 9186 1
5 "Pana-N Zori" 638 769 384 150 676 545 3162 5
6 "Am plecat" 1241 1045 865 545 816 529 5041 2

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