A Choice For Myrath


A Choice For Myrath is the national selection for the internal selected group, Myrath, to represent Tunisia in NVSC #11.


  • The rules are the same as TTIIY.
  • 5 songs of Myrath will be sang by the group, and the audience will select which of these songs that Myrath will be singing in NVSC #11.
  • The voting points are: 12 points, 10 points, 7 points, 5 points and 2 points.


Number of Votes Voting Countries
0 (to date)




Song Place Points
01 Ironic Destiny 05 97
02 Tales Of The Sand 03 138
03 Braving The Seas 02 156
04 Apostrophe For A Legend 04 135
05 Under Siege 01 158

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