A Russian Sound is the national selection in Russia for the North Vision Song Contest. It's first edition was held to get to know the representative for the 9th edition.


A Russian Sound was first to take place for the 7th edition from North Vision Song Contest but after many complains it didn't take place, neither in the 8th edition when Nyusha took 7th place for Russia in North Vision Song Contest. After many talks with the head of delegation and the broadcaster and a few artists it finally happened for the 9th edition.

Selection Process

Edition 1

In the first edition of A Russian Sound a few artists got invited by the Russian Broadcaster to consider a participation and for the rest of the artist did it by there selfs. On June the 4th it was announced that SEREBRO needed to change their song to make it into the selection, they were invited by the broadcaster for the participation. On June the 13th it was announced that SEREBRO was withdrawing from the competition during other plans. Therefore Sati Kazanova took their place to participate in the selection.


Edition City Venue Capacity Host(s)
#01 Krasnogorsk Crocus City Hall 7,500 Alsou & Dima Bilan
#02 Krasnogorsk Crocus City Hall 7,500 Roma Acorn & Sergej Lazarev
#03 Krasnogorsk Crocus City Hall 7,500 Lena Katina & Vintazh & Roma Acorn
#04 Krasnogorsk Crocus City Hall 7,500 Alexander Hille & Roma Acorn


Each country participating in the North Vision Song Contest get the change to send a jury to vote in the selection. Points that can given are 1-8, 10, 12. The Russian public can also vote for an entry that will be by televoting. After the votes are counted a spokesperson give the score in to the same points as the international juries.


Edition Artist Song NVSC Final Semi
#01 Polina Gagarina "Shagay" (шагай) #09 05 04
#02 Nyusha Tol'ko.. #10 11 AQ
#03 Albina Dzhanabaeva "Nadoyeli" #13 DNQ 12

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