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A Song For Georgia 2 is the second edition of the Georgian NS series "A Song For Georgia". The winner of this edition will represent Flag of Georgia Georgia in the eleventh edition of the North Vision Song Contest.

Final results

The voting phase of ASFG #2 started on Sunday, the 19th of October 2014.

Draw Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
1 Veriko Turashvili "რა კარგი ხარ (Ra Kargi Xar)" Georgian 7 80
2 Tako Gachechiladze "I Surrender" English - 8 72
3 DATO "Straight Through My Heart" English - 2 126
4 Keti Kvitsaridze "Cherries" Georgian1 - 3 106
5 Marcus Metreveli "გელოდები (Gelodebi)" Georgian "Waiting For You" 11 62
6 Green Room ft. Dato Lomidze "Lost" English - 10 63
7 Srbuhi Boyajyan


"Արագ Արագ (Arag Arag)" Armenian "Fast Fast" 12 58
8 Dito Lagvilava "Hero" English - 6 83
9 Ivana ft. Nodiko & Datuna "Я Люблю Грузина (Ya Ljublju Gruzina)" Russian "I Love A Georgian" 9 64
10 Ani Siradze "მხოლოდ სიზმარი (Mxolod Sizmari)" Georgian "Only A Dream" 5 92
11 Davit Kalandadze "საიდუმლო (Saidumlo)" Georgian "Secret" 4 97
12 Ясения (Yaseniya) "Ты Не Поверишь (Ty Ne Poverish)" Russian "You Won't Believe" 1 141

^1: The song's lyrics are in Georgian, only the title is in English.
^2: "Arag Arag" is a foreign act from Flag of Armenia Armenia.

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