A Song For Georgia 6
Logo of the sixth edition.
Final 5th November 2015
Entries 6
System Televoting
Winner Flag of Georgia "Gibberish"
A Song For Georgia
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A Song For Georgia 6 was the sixth edition of the Georgian music event that selected Georgia's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 17. The selection consisted of one final round.


On 5th October 2015, the Georgian Head of Delegation stated that GPB confirmed the participation of Georgia in the seventeenth edition of NVSC.

Nearly one week passed until GPB started to reveal the entries selected for ASFG #6. The announcements began the 11th October 2015.

Final Round

The final round of "A Song For Georgia #6" started on 5th November 2015 with the voting lasting about two weeks, ending on 20th November 2015. The song with the biggest amount of votes is the winner of the selection.

Draw Artist Song Language Translation Place Votes
1 Nina Sublatti ft. Nini Tsnobiladze "Down" English - 2 19,20%
2 Zura Xachidze ft. Xatuna Jordania "Istoria Lyubvi" Russian History of Love 5 12,51%
3 Ek'o & Vinda Folio "Rac Mamas Unda" Georgian 6 8,71%
4 Mary'M "If I Was Your Girl" English - 3 15,66%
5 Gvanca Bagrationi "Dream Of Me" Georgian - 4 14,16%
6 Mariam Chachkhiani ft. Loop G "Gibberish" English - 1 29,77%


The voting was like follows: Every country which votes in the selection had to rank every song individually by giving one song 0-100 points (100 is the maximum, 0 the minimum). It was not allowed to give two songs either 0 or 100 points. After the voting deadline, the votes given to a song were summed up. The song with the biggest percentage of votes would win the selection.


Bold countries are countries where HoD and Co-HoD voted separately.

Final Round
Countries Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Ukraine 26

Voting grid

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