Afghan Voice 01
Final Aug 23, 2014
Venue Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Presenter(s) Nelufar Hedayat
Entries 10
Winner "Lahza Haa"
Aryana Sayeed & Shahram Farshid
Afghan Voice
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Afghan Voice 01 (01 افغان آواز) was a Afghan National Selection for the East Vision Song Contest 5. Ten songs were  selected to get the chance for a ticket to the next East Vision Song Contest edition. Aryana Sayeed & Shahram Farshid won the selection with their song "Lahza Haa".


Afghanistan confirmed the participation of Afghanistan in East Vision Song Contest 5 and announced the national selection of Afghan Voice. Ten songs were chosen by the broadcaster and presented in the show. The voting was a pure jury voting. The winners were Aryana Sayeed and Shahram Farshid with their song "Lahza Haa".


The final started on Aug 23, 2014. The artists announcement took place the same day. The full results were announced after the end of the selection.

Draw Artist Language Song Place Points
01 Manizha Sabah Dari "Kamnoma" 09 01
02 Aryana Sayeed & Shahram Farshid Dari "Lazha Haa" 01 07
03 Mahira Tahiri Dari "Mailesh" 04 05
04 Valy Dari "Aman Aman" 02 06
05 Tawab Arash, Aryana Sayeed, Obaid Juenda, Mostamandi, Fayaz Hamid Dari "Afghanistan Peroozi" 09 01
06 Gheezal Enayat Dari "Chup Chup" 07 02
07 Shadmehr Aghili Dari "Entekhab" 04 05
08 Mahsa Dari "Nazdik Misham" 06 03
09 Sepideh Dari "Zedengi Khoobe" 02 06
10 Latifa Azazi Dari "Dilbar" 07 02


There have been 38 votes by 13 voters.


Countries Flag of New Zealand New Zealand, Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan, Flag of Jordan Jordan, Flag of Nauru Nauru, Flag of South Korea South Korea, Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea, Flag of Bhutan Bhutan and six unknown countries 13

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