North Vision Song Contest 18
Country Flag of Albania Albania
National selection
Selection process Konkurrenca Këngë 1
Selection date(s) 30 January 2016
Selected entrant Arilena
Selected song "Vegim"
Selected songwriter(s) Irkenc Hyka, Timo Flloko
Finals performance
Semi-final result 10th, 70 points
Final result 22nd, 51 points
Albania in the North Vision Song Contest
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Albania participated in the North Vision Song Contest 18 in Brussels, Belgium. The Albanian entry was selected via the national selection Konkurrenca Këngë 1.

Konkurrenca Këngë 1

Originally there were eight songs in the competition. It was revealed that the eighth song, "Vallja e Tropojes" by Elma Halili, was a cover, and was disqualified. RTSH decided to continue the selection with seven songs instead of eight.

Draw Artist Song (English Translation) Composer(s) Total Place
1 Valon Shehu "Si ne dite te pare" (As the first day) Valon Shehu 146 6
2 Offchestra "Bajram" Faruk Banjska 131 7
3 Arilena "Vegim" (Vision) Irkenc Hyka, Timo Flloko 241 1
4 Janex "Shadows & Lights" Xhejn Kumrija 224 2
5 Kvci "Asnjo si ti" (No one like you) Kastriot Konjufca 169 5
6 Mjellma Berisha "Sot jetoj" (Living today) Enis Mullaj 205 3
7 Korab Shaqiri "Nisu e shko" (Depart and go) Korab Shaqiri 184 4

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