Albania in the North Vision Song Contest 19

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North Vision Song Contest 19
Country Flag of Albania Albania
National selection
Selection process Konkurrenca Këngë 2
Selection date(s) 7 May 2016
Selected entrant Ronela Hajati
Selected song "A do si kjo"
Selected songwriter(s) Ronela Hajati, DeVox
Finals performance
Semi-final result 1st, 248 points
Final result 1st, 355 points
Albania in the North Vision Song Contest
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Albania participated in the North Vision Song Contest 19 in Italy. The Albanian entry was selected via the national selection Konkurrenca Këngë 2.

Konkurrenca Këngë 2

Draw Artist Song (English Translation) Composer(s) Total Place
1 Flaka Krelani "S'je për mu" (You're not for me) Qëndrim Krelani 213 3
2 Klajdi Haruni "Vallja e veres" (Summer dance) Flori Mumajesi 110 8
3 Megi Laska "Your Love" Megi Laska 221 2
4 Anxhela Peristeri "Si po jetoj" (As I live) Anxhela Peristeri 198 4
5 Xhoi Bejko & Visar Rexhepi "Adi Hasret" (Ordinary Yearning) Xhoi Bejko, Visar Rexhepi 135 7
6 Sinan Hoxha "Bomba" Sinan Hoxha, Alfred Sula, Fatmir Muja, MUMA 136 6
7 Ronela Hajati "A do si kjo" (Do you like it?) Ronela Hajati, DeVox 227 1
8 Alberie Hadergjonaj "Asnjehere" (Never) Threedots Music Albania, Kledi Bahiti 190 5

At Northvision

Points awarded to Albania

Points awarded by Albania

Split voting results

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