North Vision Song Contest 2
Country Flag of Albania Albania
National selection
Selection process Një melodi për Shqipërinë #1
Selection date(s) 20 May 2013
Selected entrant Elhaida Dani
Selected song "Sje Me"
Selected songwriter(s) Threedots Music Albania, Elhaida Dani
Finals performance
Semi-final result 5th, 83 points
Final result 19th, 83 points
Albania in the North Vision Song Contest
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Albania participated in the North Vision Song Contest 2 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Albanian entry was selected via a national selection..

Një melodi për Shqipërinë #1

Draw Artist Song (English Translation) Composer(s) Total Place
1 Elvana Gjata "Hitech" Flori Mumajesi 24 8
2 Flori "Me Zemër" (With heart) Flori Mumajesi 38 4
3 Elhaida Dani "Sje Me" (You're not there anymore) Threedots Music Albania, Elhaida Dani 62 1
4 Nita Bahtiri "Zemër e drynosur" (Locked Heart) Nita Bahtiri, Florent Boshnjaku 32 5
5 Miriam Cani "Pergjithmone" (Forever) Alban Skenderaj, Miriam Cani 52 3
6 Rona Nishliu "Zonja Vdekje" (Miss Death) Rona Nishliu 28 6
7 Samanta "Fallen" Andrei Vornicu 26 7
8 Tuna "I asaj" (Hers) BIGBANGBEATS, Vigan Bardhi 54 2

At Northvision

Points awarded to Albania

Points awarded by Albania

Split voting results

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