North Vision Song Contest 8
Country Flag of Albania Albania
National selection
Selection process Këngë e Shqipërisë #2
Selection date(s) 24 April 2014
Selected entrant JEM
Selected song "Zoom"
Selected songwriter(s) Jason Gill, J-Son
Finals performance
PQR result 6th, 59 points
Albania in the North Vision Song Contest
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Albania failed to qualify in order to take part in North Vision Song Contest 8 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Albanian entry was selected via the national selection Këngë e Shqipërisë #2.

Këngë e Shqipërisë #2

Draw Artist Song (English Translation) Composer(s) Total Place
1 JEM "Zoom" Jason Gill, J-Son 89 1
2 Claydee feat. Ruby "Do It" Maria Andrei Tiberiu, Mihai Andrei, Claydee Lupa, Micu Dorian 59 8
3 Kristine Elezaj "Siren Assassin" Roy P. Perez 63 7
4 Miriam Cani "Labirint" (Labyrinth) Alex James, Harry Sommerdahl, Alban Skenderaj 88 2
5 Rosela Gjylbegu "Pafundesi" (Infinity) Kledi Bahiti, Zhaku 69 5
6 Dafina Zeqiri feat. Ledri Vula "Tonight" Ledri Vula 50 9
7 Hersi Matmuja "Animon" Elgit Doda, Genta Hodo 68 6
8 Elhaida Dani "Baciami e Basta"
(Kiss me and that's enough)
April Bender, Peter Thomas Walsh, Francesco Silvestre 87 3
9 Besa "Folie" Elgit Doda 76 4
10 DJ Sava feat. Raluka & Connect-R "Aroma" Mihalache Stefan, Sava Constantin 47 10

At Northvision

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