North Vision Song Contest 9
Country Flag of Albania Albania
National selection
Selection process Këngë e Shqipërisë #3
Selection date(s) 11 June 2014
Selected entrant Arilena
Selected song "Aeroplan"
Selected songwriter(s) Darko Dimitrov, Rozana Radi
Finals performance
Semi-final result 3rd, 109 points
Final result 16th, 85 points
Albania in the North Vision Song Contest
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Albania participated in the North Vision Song Contest 9 in Oslo, Norway. The Albanian entry was selected via the national selection Këngë e Shqipërisë #3.

Këngë e Shqipërisë #3

The song "Agapi Mou" performed by Noni was disqualified as being an unapproved foreign act.

Draw Artist Song (English Translation) Composer(s) Total Place
1 Samanta & DJ Olti feat. DDY Nunes "Pafundesi" (Infinity) Alandy, DJ OLTI, Nick Kamarera, Ronela Hajati, DDY Nunes 137 5
2 JEM "Love Trigger" Thomas G:son, Peter Boström, Julimar "J-Son" Santos 155 3
3 Blunt & Real feat. Dhurata Dora &
Lumi B
"Edhe pak" (Even less) Blunt & Real 80 9
4 Kristine Elezaj "Kidnap the DJ" Roy P. Perez 151 4
5 Arilena "Aeroplan" (Airplane) Darko Dimitrov, Rozana Radi 252 1
6 Dafina Zeqiri "Supernova" Dafina Zeqiri 98 7
7 Besa "Tatuazh në Zemër" (Tattoo in the heart) Darko Dimitrov, Alban Skenderaj 158 2
8 Blero feat. Maria "Një moment" (One moment) Blerim Muharremi 99 6
9 Tony Ray feat. Ingrid Gjoni "My heart is cryin" Tony Ray 88 8
10 Noni "Agapi Mou" (My love) Noni, Criss Yann, Shatyr, Florin Iordache, Alin Ilies Disqualified

At Northvision

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