North Vision Song Contest 18
Country Algeria Algeria
National selection
Selection process Battle for Algeria #1
Selection date(s) January 2016
Selected entrant YADi
Selected song "Guillotine"
Selected songwriter(s) Chris Hutchings, Hannah Yadi
Finals performance
Semi-final result Qualified (5th, 107 points)
Final result 4th, 175 points
Algeria in the North Vision Song Contest
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Algeria participated at the eighteenth North Vision Song Contest. The winner of "Battle for Algeria #1", YADi represented Algeria with her song "Guillotine".


On 23 January 2016, shortly after the semi-final results were revealed, Canal Algérie announced that Algeria will be present at the eighteenth North Vision Song Contest, after the good result in the semi-final of the previous edition. The broadcaster decided to start a new way of selection format called "Battle for Algeria" where 2 singers are fighting to represent the country at the North Vision Song Contest. The voting will represent 100% public vote, in a poll held by the broadcaster.

National Selection

Flag of None # Artist(s) Song Place Result
Flag of Algeria 01 Dalia Chih "Pink Green Blue" 2 27.03%
Flag of United KingdomFlag of Algeria 02 YADi "Guillotine" 1 72.97%

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