Amel Wahby
Amal wahbi premier enfant
Background information
Born Skikda, Algeria
Genres pop
Occupation(s) singer
Instruments vocals
Years active 1990–present

Amel Wahby is an Algerian pop artist born in the City of Skikda. Today, she is an acclaimed star in Algeria.


Her career debut was in Algeria. Indeed, in the 1990’s, she released her first album ‘Mouch Baghamer’. A few years later, Amel released her second album ‘Baad Ghiba’, including the great single ‘Elkhayala’, which was composed by Safi Boutella. In 1998, Amel released her third album entitled ‘Rabee Sana’.

In the Late 1990’s, Amel was one of the very few Algerian artists of both genders to tour the country in a time of civil war and insecurity. About the subject, she said: “I would like to see families coming out to see me on stage, and overcome this difficult situation”.

Amel Wahby is considered as a great artist in the Middle East. She even had been famous there before she got promoted in Algeria.In fact, she is not the sole artist to get fame beyond borders while working in one’s own country.

Amel’s Album ‘Chocalata’, released in 2003, is considered as a hit album in the Arab world as well as in Algeria. Amel sang some Algerian - rooted titles in this album, but Oriental flow is dominant in her music. Her soft voice goes smooth, romantic and adaptable with different styles.