Andrea Bučko
Background information
Birth name Andrea Bučko
Born Bratislava
Origin Slovakia
Instruments Piano & Harp
Years active 2013 - Present
Labels Independent

Andrea Bučko, is a female recording artist originating from the Slovak capital of Bratislava. She's a new budding artist to find her way into the Slovak music scene, Andrea is an independent based act and has funded her own career from scratch.

Andrea has cited that to get noticed in Slovakia musically is rather "difficult" for artists that are independent, to increase attention for her music she began to fund for her album "Polarity" with the help from the site Indiegogo. In October 2014 she managed to succeed in her goal of funding for her album which was successfully released the following year.

Style and Genre

Andrea states that her main aspect of music is based around Folk Pop, Jazz, Rock and Pop origins. She has skills in playing the piano and harp and acclaims that it's quite an unusual combination within her home country. Bučko states that her lyrics are very personal to her and they're born from different emotions ranging from matters of love to friendship. She enjoys to record her music in English for her music to be enjoyed on a more international scale.

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