Anna Sharkunova – is the most popular and in demand singer in Belarus today.

Anna Sharkunova was born on October 14, 1984 in Belarus, Bobruisk, Mogilev region. Her family then moved to the city of Pinsk, Brestkyi region, where Anna graduated from music school, as pianist. In 2001, she entered the “Minsk Musical and Pedagogical University” where she got her degree.

Her musical debut occurred in the fall of 2005, when her song "Goodbye" received a prestigious nomination "Song of the Year 2005". Another of her songs "Heart of Beauty", was a big hit at the end of 2006, and won "Song of the Year 2006".

Anna has been recognized as one of the most beautiful and successful people in Minsk at the annual ceremony of awarding the "Top 50". Photos of Anna Sharkunova repeatedly graced the covers of many publications including "Women's Journal" magazine "RIO", "ES", "Marmalade", the newspaper "Antenna" and others.

Anna enjoys performing live: "I love live performance, with real emotions, and honest communication with the public. I sing and enjoy it. My moods, my feelings, my tears, my happiness - is passed to the my listener, "

In April 2008, Anna’s debut disc "The Heart of Beauty," broke many sales records among Belarussian performers, and in December her solo concert took place at the Palace of the Republic main concert hall of Belarus. Since then, Anna has participated in a variety of different concerts - from pop and symphony orchestra, jazz band and electronic musicians.

From 2009 to present, in addition to concerts Anna has appeared on many television programs including the reality show "The Magnificent Seven".

Anna embraces creative challenges and will be appearing in several projects produced in the United States in the nearest future.

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