Asma Lamnawar
أسما المنور
Birth name Asma Lamnawar
Born (1978-07-25) 25 July 1978 (age 39)
Origin Casablanca, Flag of Morocco Morocco
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Voice, Guitar
Years active 2002–present
Labels Rotana

Asma Lamnawar (أسماء المنور) born 25 July 1973 in Casablanca, Morocco is a Moroccan singer. She made her singing debut in 1995 with "Angham", a festival produced by Moroccan Radio and TV, where she won the prize for best interpretation, though she delayed beginning her musical career until 2002. She has recorded music for Moroccan television serials and films. She toured nit with the ensemble "Oriental Mood" in Denmark, Sweden and especially in Egypt.

Her first album, "ناري" ("Fiery"), was released in 2002. "شي عادي" ("Something Normal") was released by Art-Jazeera Saudi Arabia in 2005, and she sang a duet with Abu the same year. She signed to Rotana in 2008, and released an album "من هنا لبكره" ("Men Hina L Bukhra") with them the same year. Another album is due for release with Rotana in 2010.

Asma has achieved an estimated of 40 million views on YouTube.

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