North Vision Song Contest 11
Country Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
National selection
Selection process Milli Secim Turu
Selection date(s) 10 October 2014
Selected entrant Rilaya
Selected song "Saf"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Qualified (6th, 83 points)
Final result 10th, 141 points
Azerbaijan in the North Vision Song Contest
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Azerbaijan took part in the eleventh edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in the host city of Lviv, Ukraine. The country was represented by Rilaya with the song "Saf". The entry was selected via the fourth edition of the national final Milli Secim Turu, hosted by AzTV (Azerbaijan TV).


Further information: Azerbaijan in the North Vision Song Contest

Azerbaijan debuted in the third edition of the North Vision Song Contest under the Azerbaijani national broadcaster AzTV. AzTV decided to participate in the contest due to the popularity of music competitions within the country.

Despite a poor result in their debut at the contest, AzTV decided to continue Azerbaijan's participation in the North Vision Song Contest due to high viewing figures and popularity amongst the public. Viewing figures continued to rise following Azerbaijan's success at the fourth edition of the North Vision Song Contest.

AzTV first decided to host a national final in order to select their entrant for the North Vision Song Contest in the sixth edition, under the name Milli Secim Turu. The national final continued for the next two editions of the contest.

After failing to qualify from the pre-qualification round in the eighth edition, AzTV decided to take a one-edition break from the competition. Although rumours suggested that AzTV withdrew from the contest due to the introduction of the pre-qualification round, AzTV cited financial difficulties as the main reason behind the break. Azerbaijan returned to the contest from the tenth edition onwards.

Before North Vision

NVSC 11 Azerbaijan Banner

Azerbaijan's support banner for NVSC #11 made by NTU

AzTV confirmed Azerbaijan's participation in the eleventh edition of the North Vision Song Contest on the 16th September.

It was revealed that Azerbaijan would revert back to their national final Milli Secim Turu in order to selected their next representative, revealing that sponsors had been found to help fund the national final. However, it was soon revealed that the national final would be hosted at a different and slightly smaller venue in the city of Baku.

Milli Secim Turu 4

Over the course of 10 days, AzTV revealed the names of the artists and songs selected to take part in the national final. A foreign act was once again selected to partake in the event, this time being selected from a country with a NBU member station. The band Gommalar was shortly after announced as the selected foreign act, coming from and based in Cyprus.

The national final took place on the 10th October where an international jury was asked to vote for their favourite acts. Leading with a 47-point lead, Rilaya won the competition where she earned the right to represent her country at the contest with her song "Saf".


Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 English Seyran Ismayilkhanov "Wild Kisses" 10 125
02 English Emin "In Another Life" 2 251
03 English Eldar "The One" 3 191
04 Azerbaijani Nurkan feat. Lale "Gel Yanima" 6 168
05 Azerbaijani Xeyale Manafli & Ramil "Sevgiye Bir Addim" 8 157
06 Turkish Gommalar "Havalaniyor" 5 182
07 English Ulviyya Rahimova "In Love" 4 190
08 Azerbaijani Live or Leave "Ferqli Zamanda" 7 164
09 Azerbaijani Rilaya "Saf" 1 298
10 English Aynur Iskenderli "Rhythm Of Fire" 9 130

At North Vision

Rilaya at the NVSC 11

Rilaya performing at the Grand Final on the 14th December

A few weeks later, the NBU revealed that Azerbaijan had been drawn to compete in the second semi-final in 6th position. Despite originally being unsure about the running order placement, Rilaya later revealed that she was pleased with her place in the running order.

Rilaya qualified from the semi-final where she performed confidently to the public and jury. Later that night, it was announced that Azerbaijan had been drawn to compete in 24th position in the Grand Final, much to the delight of Rilaya and AzTV.

On the night, Rilaya received a positive response from the audition at the arena during her performance, with a high number of Azerbaijani North Vision fans appearing in the stadium to support their act. Once the votes were in, it was announced that Rilaya had received a total of 141 points in the Grand Final, ending in 10th position.

Points awarded at the contest

Pre-qualification round votes

Points Country
12 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
10 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
8 Flag of Austria Austria
7 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
6 Flag of San Marino San Marino
5 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
4 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
3 Flag of Latvia Latvia
2 Flag of None N/A
1 Flag of None N/A

Semi-final 2 votes

Points Country
12 Flag of Belarus Belarus
10 Flag of Germany Germany
8 Flag of Greece Greece
7 Flag of Georgia Georgia
6 Flag of France France
5 Flag of Poland Poland
4 Flag of Finland Finland
3 Flag of Morocco Morocco
2 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
1 Flag of Israel Israel

Final votes

Points Country
12 Flag of Denmark Denmark
10 Flag of Sweden Sweden
8 Flag of Greece Greece
7 Flag of Russia Russia
6 Flag of Germany Germany
5 Flag of Hungary Hungary
4 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
3 Flag of Monaco Monaco
2 Flag of Andorra Andorra
1 Flag of Moldova Moldova
Points Awarded to Azerbaijan (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points
Points Awarded to Azerbaijan (Grand Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points


Emin, the runner-up of the fourth edition of Milli Secim Turu, was selected to present the final votes of the combined public and jury votes.

After North Vision

A few weeks after the competition took place, it was revealed that both Rilaya and "Saf" had received a total of 4 nominations at the North Vision Awards. Although being one of the most highly-nominated acts, both Rilaya and "Saf" failed to win any of the 4 awards.

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