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Balkan Music Bash (also known as BMB) is an annual music competition organised by the Balkan countires of the North Broadcasting Union. The maximum amount of participants will be thirteen (all of the Balkan countries accepted by the NBU):


Balkan Music Bash was created by the Bulgarian broadcaster BNT in November 2014 to promote the North Vision Song Contest to viewers in all the Balkan countries and to promote ethnic Balkan music to the rest of Europe.


  • If the OFFICIAL HoD has no intention of taking part in it, then the Co-HoD for first or other users may ask permission about the participation and obviously the song.
  • All songs must NOT have been in NVSC (as official entry) or OGAN Second Chance.
  • Songs that entered NVSC national selections can take part. Also, it's encouraged to send unknown musicians but not required.
  • All of the songs must be in the official language of the nation (This is to promote Balkan culture)
  • There is no borrowing in the Balkan Music Bash except for Montenegro if the musician has decent from that nation.
  • There will be an international jury vote and the combined votes will count as one vote.

Voting process

Each of the broadcasters must send a song in the official language of their nation. The voting process varies based on how many nations confirm but if all nations enter, it would be standard North Vision voting with 12, 10, 8, 7-1.


Artists of any genre are welcomed to participate for each of the participating countries. It is encouraged that the musicians are not well known but well known musicians can participate also.


All songs can be performed in the official native language of each country. Artists have to add vocals to their song.


The winner of each edition will host the following edition of the Balkan Music Bash. The venues are selected by the countries' official broadcasters. Due to the low number of maximum participants, the contest will not have any Semi-finals.

Edition City Venue Capacity Host(s) Entries
BMB #01 Flag of Bulgaria Varna Palace of Sports and Culture 5.500 Mariana Popova 12
BMB #02 Flag of Slovenia Ljubljana Arena Stožice 12.480 Klemen Slakonja 7


Edition Country Artist Song Language Translation Points
BMB #01 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Nejc Lombardo Mesto želja Slovene City of Desire 100
BMB #02 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Raiven Jadra Slovene Sails 52