Beirut North Vision Party 14
Official Logo
Entries 24
Date 17 May 2013
Venue Beirut Waterfront
Presenter(s) TBA May 1st
Beirut North Vision Party
Eurovision Heart 15►

Beirut North Vision Party 14, often referred as BNVP 14, was the first concert of Beirut North Vision Party organized by LBC Europe for North Vision Song Contest 14. The concert will feature singers from the 14th edition of North Vision Song Contest, and past editions of the contest.


For further information see Beirut

Beirut Waterfront, Venue of BNVP 14.

LBC Europe revealed on 12 April 2015 that the concert event will take place in the Beirut Waterfront, in Beirut.

Participating countries

Twenty-Four North Vision from thirteen countries will take part in the concert.

Draw Edn. Country Artist Song
01 #11 Flag of Sweden Sweden Getty Domein "Dance With The Devil"
02 #10 Flag of Ireland Ireland Phildel ft. Sleepthief "Dust and Cloud"
03 #11 Flag of Croatia Croatia Severina ft. Ministarke "Uno Momento"
04 #14 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Myriam Fares "Nifsi Aoulhalak"
05 #05 Flag of Armenia Armenia Sofi Mkheyan "2012"
06 #08 Denmark Denmark Nabiha "Bang that Drum"
07 #13 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia Saber El Robaey "Barsha"
08 #11 Flag of Russia Russia Serebro "Ne Nado Bol'nee"
09 #14 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Goga Sekulić ft. Jasmin Jusić "Vuče, Lopove"
10 #14 Flag of Ireland Ireland Clare Maguire "The Shield and the Sword"
11 #12 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Assel "Subliminal"
12 #09 Denmark Denmark Nadia Gattas "Rejser gennem tiden"
13 #14 Flag of Russia Russia Sergey Lazarev "7 tsifr"
14 #14 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Ella Henderson "Mirror Man"
15 #06 Flag of Moldova Moldova Mani & FireLove "Miroase-a mare"
16 #12 Flag of Moldova Moldova Cătălin Josan "Floorplay"
17 #13 Flag of Croatia Croatia Colonia "Feniks"
18 #06 Flag of Sweden Sweden Marie Serneholt "That's the Way My Heart Goes"
19 #13 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Max Barskih "Hochu tantsevat'"
20 #11 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia Myrath "Under Siege"
21 #06 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Chlöe Howl "Rumour"
22 #10 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Andrea Demirović "Odlazim"
23 #09 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Haifa Wehbe "MJK (Heartbeats Remix)"
24 #09 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine VIA Gra "Peremiriye"

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