North Vision Song Contest 13
Country Flag of Belgium Belgium
National selection
Selection process Eurosong 1
Selection date(s) 2 February 2015
Selected entrant Trixie Whitley
Selected song "Breathe You In My Dreams"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (12th, 52 points)
Belgium in the North Vision Song Contest
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Belgium participated in the North Vision Song Contest 13. Their entry was selected through the national final Eurosong 1, organised by the Belgian broadcaster Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT). Trixie Whitley will perform the Belgian entry "Breathe You In My Dreams" in the second semi-final on 28 March 2015.

Eurosong 1

Eurosong 1 is the national final, organised by the Belgian broadcaster VRT, that selected Belgium's entry in the North Vision Song Contest 13.


The Belgian entry was selected via the national selection Eurosong 1. 8 songs competed in order to represent Belgium in the contest. The show was hosted by Isolde Lasoen and Peter Van de Veire.

Competing entries

Artist Song Composer(s)
Axeela "Addicted" Kit Hain, Konstantin Scherer, Vincent Stein
Gene Thomas "Dat ben jij" Wim Claes, Steven Defraine, Gunther Thomas
Jelle van Dael "Lie Machine" David Kolodziej, Michel Schuhmacher, Marc Zibung, David May
Kevin Mason "Falling Down" OD Hunte, Daniel Adamu, Shwain Faraj
Noa Moon feat. Malo "Paradise (mon chemin)" Manon De Carvalho Coomans, Malory Legardinier
Regi & Moya "Invincible" Regi Penxten, Koen Buyse, Sem Thomasson, Emily Poppy Andrews
Trixie Whitley "Breathe You In My Dreams" Trixie Whitley
Udo & Sil "Broken Smile" Stefaan Fernande, Yannic Fonderie, Udo Mechels

Disqualified entries

"Under My Wings" by Billie Kawende was disqualified because it participated in a previous national final of Luxembourg while Funda got disqualified the last time, some days before the show kicks off, because she had previously applied to participate in the Turkish national selection. Udo & Sil and Axeela replaced the two disqualified entries.


The final of the competition took place on 2 February 2015 at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. Eight songs competed. The winner was selected by a combination of the votes from public televoting and the votes from nine international jury groups. Each jury group awarded points as follows: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points. The public vote was based on the percentage of votes each song has accumulated. Trixie Whitley was announced as the winner with the song "Breathe You In My Dreams".

Final – 2 February 2015
No. Artist Song Flag of Sweden
Flag of Germany
Flag of Ireland
Flag of Greece
Flag of Norway
Flag of Hungary
Flag of Armenia
Flag of Azerbaijan
Flag of United Kingdom
Televote Total Place
Votes Points
1 Gene Thomas "Dat ben jij" 6 4 4 8 10 32 1,458 31 63 6
2 Udo & Sil "Broken Smile" 10 6 6 6 28 1,159 19 47 8
3 Trixie Whitley "Breathe You In My Dreams" 12 4 8 8 12 12 6 62 2,583 90 152 1
4 Regi & Moya "Invincible" 10 10 10 12 8 8 4 62 2,212 76 138 2
5 Axeela "Addicted" 6 8 6 4 8 6 12 50 1,299 22 72 5
6 Jelle van Dael "Lie Machine" 4 12 12 6 10 8 52 2,160 61 113 3
7 Noa Moon feat. Malo "Paradise (mon chemin)" 10 12 4 26 1,306 26 52 7
8 Kevin Mason "Falling Down" 8 12 10 4 4 10 48 1,823 35 83 4

At Northvision

Belgium will participate in one of the two semi-finals.

Points awarded to Belgium

Points Awarded to Belgium (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Belgium


Points awarded in the second semi-final:

12 points Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
10 points Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
8 points Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
7 points Flag of Sweden Sweden
6 points Flag of Monaco Monaco
5 points Denmark Denmark
4 points Flag of Estonia Estonia
3 points Flag of Belarus Belarus
2 points Flag of Italy Italy
1 point Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom


Points awarded in the final:

12 points Flag of Germany Germany
10 points Flag of Norway Norway
8 points Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
7 points Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
6 points Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
5 points Flag of Poland Poland
4 points Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
3 points Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
2 points Flag of Sweden Sweden
1 point Flag of Italy Italy

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