Bolgar Kyzlary
Origin Kazan,Tatarstan, Russia
Years active 2015 - present
Members Aygul Zaynullina
Aygul Gardislamova
Gulyuza Kashapova

Bolgar Kyzlary Булгар Кызлары; is a Tatar girl group from Russia. The group consist presently of Aygul Zaynullina, Aygul Gardislamova and Gulyuza Kashapova. The group formed in 2015 during a talent show for Tatars. That they won.

They are yet to release their first album. But they recorded and performed the songs; Shel beyledem (Шэл бэйлэдем), Veterannar (Ветераннар), Almatanyn almasy (Алматаның алмасы) and Gashyyk bulma (Гашыйк булма).

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