Armin Effenberger and Vanda Choco
Background information
Origin Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation(s) Group (duo)

Cartonnage is a Czech electronic music duo, formed in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic and consists of Vanda Choco (vocals/synthesizers) and Armin Effenberger (producing/programming/synthesizers).

Musical career

Their debut album, CD1, (2004) was nominated by the Expresradio Golden Ear in the category Discovery of the Year. Four songs from CD1 were used like a soundtrack by Dan Svatek's movie Close to Heaven. The success continued with their single "Patisserie" (EMI) and second album, Curiously Connected (2008, EMI). Cartonnage became Newcomer of the Year, and always being nominated record of the year in Czech Grammy Filter music awards magazine and music awards TV Ocko. They also cooperated with Moby and released for him a vocal reedit of "" from his album Last Night. Their third album, I'm Not Your Computer (2011), is full of dirty beats that are nearly all perfectly suited for a cinematic pole-dancing scene, with only a handful of chilled out songs.

They have great audio visual shows, having had time to explore the best way to play their music live.


On May 18 the broadcaster announced the participation of the country in the ninth edition. It also stated that the national selection Píseň pro Českou Republiku, would be back. Six entries competed. At the end, they won the selection with "Winter Song" which scored 165 points.