Birth name Cheryline Ernestine Lim
Native name 林顏
Origin Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Years active 2006–present
Label EMI, Capitol, Universal
Associated acts Cham, Colby O'Donis, Lecca, Shaggy

Cheryline Ernestine Lim, better known as Che'Nelle is a Malaysian Australian recording artist, signed to Universal Music Japan.

Early life

Cheryline Lim was born to a Chinese father, and a mother of a mixed of Indian and Dutch heritage. Born in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah, Malaysia, Lim and her family moved to Perth, Australia when she was 10 years old.[1] As a child she gained the attention of her father after singing in his karaoke lounge, seeing her talent.[1] She later started writing and producing her own music in her home studio.[2] Sir Charles Dixon discovered her talents,[1] after she uploaded some of her music onto Myspace.[2] Dixon took her material to Virgin Records and Virgin flew Che'nelle to New York at the end of 2005 to meet with representatives from the label. The chairman of the label and longtime music business baron, Jason Flom, signed her immediately. Within two days, she had completed the deal and was marketed as a world-class artist. Che'nelle worked as a promotions assistant before moving to New York in January after signing a six-album deal with Virgin Records America.[3] In Australia, she is represented by EMI.

2006-08: Things Happen for a Reason

She performed as the opening act on Kanye West's Australian tour in March 2006.

Her debut album Things Happen for a Reason was released on 25 September 2007 in Japan and 29 October 2007 in Australia. The first single from this album was "I Fell in Love with the DJ" featuring reggae artist Cham. The song was also produced in Bahasa Malaysia with the title of "DJ yang Ku Puja".

She also co-wrote Carmit Bachar's single "Fierce", Ricki-Lee's debut single "Hell No!" and Leona Lewis's song "Can't Breathe".


Her second album was later confirmed and given the working title Feel Good, named after the first single from the album.

The first single "Feel Good" from this album is strongly influenced by Reggae and Dancehall music just like her first single "I Fell in Love with the DJ" from her debut album (Things Happen for a Reason) which features Jamaican Dancehall artist "Cham". The music video for "Feel Good"[4] premiered online on 11 January 2010.[5]

The album Feel Good was released on 10 February 2010 in Japan via EMI Japan.

The album has so far garnered the singles "Feel Good" and "Missing".

Her third album and first cover album, called Luv Songs was released on 20 July 2011 in Japan only, which featured covers of songs by American R&B singers such as Ne-Yo, Minnie Ripperton and Whitney Houston and also songs in Japanese.


Studio albums

Year Album Peak position Sales Certifications
2007 Things Happen for a Reason
  • 1st International Album
  • Released: 22 August 2007
  • Label: EMI, Capitol, USM Japan
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • JPN: 65,000+
2010 Feel Good
  • 1st Japanese Album
  • Released: 10 February 2010
  • Label: EMI Japan, USM Japan
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • JPN: 5,500+
2011 Luv Songs (ラブ・ソングス)
  • 1st Cover Album
  • Released: 20 July 2011
    • Re-Released: 13 November 2013
  • Label: EMI Japan, USM Japan
  • Formats: CD, digital download


  • JPN: 360,000+
  • JPN: 400+
2012 Believe (ビリーヴ)
  • 2nd Japanese Album
  • Released: 4 July 2012
  • Label: Universal International
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • JPN: 280,000+
  • RIAJ: Platinum[7]
2013 Aishiteru (アイシテル; I Love You)
  • 3rd Japanese Album
  • Released: 7 August 2013
  • Label: Universal International
  • Formats: CD, CD+DVD, digital download
  • JPN: 65,000+
Best Songs (ベスト・ソングス)
  • 1st Japanese Best Album
  • Released: 4 December 2013
  • Label: Universal International
  • Formats: CD, digital download
  • JPN: 78,000+
2014 Luv Songs 2 (ラブ・ソングス 2)
  • 2nd Cover Album
  • Released: 4 June 2014
  • Label: Delicious Deli Records, Virgin Music
  • Formats: CD, CD+DVD, digital download
  • JPN: 32,000+
2015 @chenelleworld (シェネル・ワールド)
  • 4th Japanese Album
  • Released: 11 February 2015
  • Label: Delicious Deli Records
  • Formats: 2 CDs, CD, digital download
  • JPN: 52,000+

Extended plays

Year Album Peak position Sales Certifications
2012 Touch (Close to You)
  • 1st Japanese Digital EP
  • Released: 9 November 2012
  • Label: EMI Japan
  • Formats: digital download
  • JPN: —


Year Album Peak position Sales Certifications
2014 REVOLuTion
  • 1st English Mixtape
  • Released: 9 June 2014
  • Label: -
  • Formats: free digital download
  • JPN: —


As lead artist

Year Title Peak chart positions Sales and Certifications Album
AUS[10] US Pop FRA[11] HU
POR[11] RO SWI[11]
2007 "I Fell in Love with the DJ" 62 98 30 35 33 11 47 Things Happen for a Reason
"Hurry Up" 81 19 83
2008 "First Love" feat. Lecca 51 Feel Good
2010 "Feel Good" 23 81
"Missing" Feel Good / Luv Songs
2011 "SAKURA" 84 Luv Songs
"So Sick"
"Baby I Love U" 32 21 5
  • RIAJ Digital download
    • PC downloads: Double Platinum[12]
    • Cellphone downloads: Double Platinum[13]
2012 "Story" 15 30 7
  • JPN: 13,000+
  • RIAJ Digital download
    • PC downloads: Gold[14]
"Believe" 5 1
  • RIAJ Digital download
    • PC downloads: Double Platinum[15]
    • Cellphone downloads: Gold[16]
"Fall in Love (Single Version)" 77 Touch (Close To You) EP
"Touch (Close To You)" 79 Touch (Close To You) EP
/ Aishiteru
2013 "I WILL" 36[17] Aishiteru
"It's Happening Again" REVOLuTion
"BURNING LOVE" 9[18] Aishiteru
"Aishiteru" 13[19]
2014 "Zutto (English Version)" 12[20] Luv Songs 2
"Happiness" 25 2[21]
  • JPN: 23,000+
  • RIAJ Digital download
    • PC downloads: Double Platinum[22]
"Always Love U" 87[23]
2015 "Fierce"
  • * RIAJ Digital Track Chart was established in April 2009 and cancelled in July 2012.

As featured artist

Year Title Artist Album
2005 "Young Boy" Messiahbolical Throwaway Rhymes Pt. II (Mixtape)
2007 "Somebody’s Gotta" Various Artists Powerful Music, Vol. 2
"I'm Still Here" Powerful Music, Vol. 3
2008 "Sugar" Hydro Crucial
2009 "Hold On Me" Israel The Legacy
"Wish You Were Here" Mýa Sugar & Spice
"Tight" Peter Ram
"III Woman" The III Ones
"Soul Life"
"Hands On" Casely feat. Vein
"Postcard" Lil' Eddie City of My Heart
2010 "Ohh Yeah (Reggae)" Jaicko
"Streets" Akon feat. L.A.
2011 "Here On Earth" Chrishan Heart of a Lion
"Sunadokei" SEEDA In The Moment
"Girls" SEEDA feat. Hayashi Taka
2012 "No Tears Left" Davion Farris
"The Last Word" Jimmy Burney
"Spend a Little Time" Knowledge Bones Eyes on the Prize
"Till It's Done" Bizoh
2013 "Thank You" Vein
"Titanium" David Guetta Nothing But the Beat 2.0 (Japanese Edition)
"After the Storm" AI Moriagaro
"Be Right There" Dandee Building Bridges
"Fun Fun Christmas" TEE feat. LEO Francfranc presents Fun Fun Christmas / Best Songs
2014 "Happy Tears" SPICY CHOCOLATE feat. MACO Shibuya Shunai Monogatari
"Do You Wanna" Shifta
2015 "Last Forever" Matt Cab Shunkashuto

Non-album tracks

Year Title Album
2007 "Hooked Up" Dear Summer, Vol. 2
2011 "Somethin' 'Bout A Saturday" Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale Soundtrack

Awards and nominations

List of awards received by Che'Nelle
Year Award Nomination Nominated work Result
2008 Japan Gold Disc Award Top New Artist Che'Nelle Won
2012 Concept Album of the Year Luv Songs Won
MTV Video Music Awards Japan Best Karaokee! Song Baby I Love U Nominated
2013 Japan Gold Disc Award Western Artist of the Year Che'Nelle Won
Western Album of the Year Believe Won
Song of the Year by Download Believe Won
Best 3 Western Albums Believe Won


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