Flag of China
Broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV)
Appearances 6 (5 finals)
Debut EVSC #01
Best result 1st: #03
Worst result 13th: #01, #05

China debuted in the first edition of the East Vision Song Contest and has participated in every edition since then. China Central Television (CCTV) has been in charge for the Chinese participation in the contest since the country's debut. The entries are currently being selected through internal selections.

China is considered as one of the most successful countries in the contest. It has so far been in all the five finals of the contest. Their best result is the victory in the third edition with G.E.M. and the song "Get Over You" which gathered 136 points.

History of China in East Vision

When the contest was first announced, CCTV reported that they are not really considering to compete in the contest. However, the broadcaster later confirmed their debut in the contest. Their best result to date is their victory in the third edition while their worst is the thirteenth place in the first and fifth editions. China held the record for the most scored winner until the fourth edition, where Taiwan scored 164 points while China got 139 points, three points more than their winning entry.

First decade

Coco Lee

Coco Lee was the first Chinese representative.

China debuted in the first eidtion of the contest. Their first entry was selected internally: Coco Lee represented the country with "Néng bùnéng". The song won the semi-final with 89 points and then came thirteenth in the final with 63 points. Their entry for the second edition was also selected internally. Vivi Jiang was selected to represent the country with her song "Fashion Show". Due to low number of participants, there was no semi-finals held. The song managed to came second in the final, with 109 points. For the third edition, CCTV selected their entry internally once again. G.E.M. represented the country with the song "Get Over You" which went on to win the contest with 136 points. In the fourth edition, the semi-finals returned. However, as host and part of the big 5, China did not have to perform in a semi-final. Their entry for the edition was selected internally once again: Jike Junyi represented the country with her song "Colorful Black". The song got the fourth place with 139 points, three more points than China's winning entry.

For the fifth edition, it was decided that the broadcaster would host a small selection. The artist, however, was already selected: Jane Zhang was selected as the participant and the selection consisted of her songs. "Wǒ shì wǒ de" won the selection and therefore represented the country in the edition. As part of the big 5 again, China did not perform in a semi-final. In the final, the song got the thirteenth place with 95 points. For the sixth edition, CCTV returned to internal selection. The entry was presented during a press conference: Rolling Wang was the selected entrant with her song "Chick Chick". The song came sixth in both the semi-final and final with 86 and 121 points respectively.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
Edn. Artist Language Song GF Pts SF Pts
#01 Coco Lee
Mandarin "Néng bùnéng"
13 63 1 89
#02 Vivi Jiang
Mandarin1 "Fashion Show" 2 109 No semi-finals
#03 G.E.M.
Cantonese, English "Get Over You" 1 136
#04 Jike Junyi
Mandarin "Colorful Black"
4 139
Member of the "Big 5"
#05 Jane Zhang
Mandarin "Wǒ shì wǒ de"
13 95
#06 Rollin Wang
Mandarin "Chick Chick"
6 121 6 86
#07 Richael
Mandarin "Gē lù"
11 88
Top 10 Last Edition
#08 Tangzi Qing
Mandarin "Bùyao wàngjì xiào"
10 92 Unknown result
#09 Meng Jia
Mandarin, English "Drip"
3 173 No semi-finals
#10 Vinida
Mandarin, English "Queendom" TBA TBA
1. ^ The song is in Mandarin; however, the title is in English and is repeated through the chorus.

Draw history

Table key
     First half
     Second half
Contest Show Draw Contest Show Draw Contest Show Draw
EVSC #1 Semi-final 1 10 EVSC #4 Grand Final 14 EVSC #7 Grand Final 19
Grand Final 18 EVSC #5 Grand Final 02 EVSC #8 Semi-final 15
EVSC #2 Grand Final 08 EVSC #6 Semi-final 2 07 Grand Final 06
EVSC #3 Grand Final 11 Grand Final 23 EVSC #9 Grand Final 10

Commentators and spokespersons

Edition(s) Commentator Spokesperson
EVSC #01 Dimitris Ioannou Vivi Jiang
EVSC #02 Xiang Xiang
EVSC #03 Lu Han
EVSC #04 Coco Lee
EVSC #05 Xiang Xiang
EVSC #06