Clara Blume
Background information
Origin Vienna, Austria
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter

With new-found verve and inspiration, Clara Blume is back on the scene. An Austrian artist and Singer Songwriter with Spanish-Indonesian roots, Clara stands out for her astonishing musical gift and the natural elegance with which she takes the stage. She pulls together a broad spectrum of musical and literary influences – from indie sensibility, to Spanish flamenco poise, jazz and soul, and tex-mex rock’n’roll- seamlessly weaving them together to create her unique, catchy, and momentous style. Currently working on her PhD, her knowledge as a Comparatist provides her imaginary worlds with a profound background of literary influences and metaphors that enrich her complex storytelling. With admirable ease, she performs sincere and eloquent songs and enchants her listeners with her deep and seductive voice.


Clara’s musical journey begins in earnest during her years as Jazz and Fine Arts student in Madrid, the city of her maternal roots, where she was during her 6 year’s stay already engaged in various band projects. Madrid is also the birth place of The Proud, an ambitious neo folk-rock project she established together with renowned musicians from NYC, Argentina, Italy and Madrid. Their EP all smokes and echoes was released in 2012.

Since 2011 Clara Blume is Circus Directress of Vienna’s infamous Singer Songwriter Circus, where she regularly invites Vienna’s music scene to come together and bear witness to the performance of new, aspiring artists in the context of the spectacular and arresting CIRCUS SHOW.

Current Project

These days Clara is working on her first Solo Debut with her brother and producer Georg Blume, which will be released in the course of 2014.

The album focuses on Clara’s exquisite Songwriting and the compelling strength as well as intimacy of her voice. Through those songs she retells the primary stories of love and death, living and learning, with an irrefutable, authentic display of anger, hurt, strength and confidence, while at the same time being able to imbue some of her lighter, more humorous songs with a real sense of comedy, thus revealing an appreciation for irony and for the absurd that makes every single performance so entertaining and unique.

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