Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 04
DMGP 04 Logo
Final 1–17 April 2014
Venue Ballerup Super Arena, Ballerup
Presenter(s) Medina
Broadcaster DR
Entries 10
System 100% international jury
Winner "Bang that Drum" by Nabiha
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 04 was the fourth edition of the Danish music competition that selected Denmark's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 8. The selection had one final held in Ballerup. Nabiha won the edition with her song "Bang that Drum". In North Vision Song Contest 8, it got the fifth place in the semi-final with 89 points and the twelfth place in the final with 107 points.


Even though the format of the duels which was used in the two previous editions was successful, DR decided to change the format; the selection will only include one final now with ten acts – nine Danish acts and one foreign act. The edition started on 1 April 2014 and finished on 16 April 2014 with Nabiha being the winner.

The selection consisted of only one final and was held in Ballerup Super Arena, Ballerup. As in the previous editions, the voters were international juries. The competing entries were chosen by the broadcaster after several artists submitted songs, including artists from neighbor countries. However, only ten songs were selected including only one foreign song.


Ballerup Super Arena is a multi-purpose arena, in Ballerup, Denmark. It has a capacity for concerts of 7,500. It is owned by Ballerup Municipality and managed by EventForce A/S. The arena is also a venue for many company events, conferences, team building events, trade fairs, company sports events and cycling events. The arena was opened in 2001. In 2003, the roof collapsed, as a result of a miscalculation in design and the new roof was reinforced with cables. It hosts Denmark's only indoor velodrome and is often used for six-day racing and UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics events. It was the host for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 2002 and 2010. The cycling track is a 250 metres (820 ft) track made of wood.

The arena hosted Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2011 on 26 February, the first time Copenhagen hosted the competition since 2002.

Competing entries

All the competing entries were selected by the broadcaster. DR announced the dates of the songs presentation on 9 March 2014; the first act would be revealed on 10 March 2014 and the last on 19 March 2014. However, it was later announced by the broadcaster that the selection's progress would be delayed due to some problems that occurred in the broadcaster. The new dates were revealed along with the first song, on 17 March 2014. The Danish acts were presented between 17 and 25 March 2014 while the foreign act was presented on 26 March 2014.

Among the competing entries is previous Danish entrant Kato, who represented the country in the first edition along with Electric Lady Lab. Oh Land has competed in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix before, in the first edition.

Just before the final, "Dobbeltslag" by Joey Moe was accused of being a cover. Although it was confirmed that the song was a cover, the song was not disqualified. However, in case the song won it would not represent the country in the contest and the runner-up would then be the winner of the selection.

Table key
     Foreign act
Artist Song (English translation) Songwriter(s)
Anna David "If You Wanna Cry" Anna David, Mads Haugaard
Burhan G "Søvnløs" (Sleepless) Burhan Genc, Niclas Petersen, Jannik Thomsen, Jon Ørom, Jules Wolfson
Jasmin "Løber i stiletter" (Running in heels) Jasmin, Jacob Uchorczak, Maia Andersen
Joey Moe "Dobbeltslag" (Double impact) Joey Moe, Antonio Catania, John Larkin
Kato feat. Shontelle "I'm In Love" Thomas Kato Vittrup, Sarah West, Shontelle Layne
Nabiha "Bang that Drum" Nabiha Bensouda, Carl Ryden, Luciana Caporaso, Nick Clow
Natasha Thomas "Skin Deep" Liz Winstanley, Pete Kirtley, Tim Hawes
Oh Land "Pyromaniac" Nanna Øland Fabricius, Jimmy Harry
Saseline "I Hate to Say It" Mads Haugaard, Sarah West, D. Carr
Sirena "Love Is Not" Elsa Carmona


The final started on 1 April 2014 with the voting lasting about two weeks, ending on 16 April 2014. The results were presented on 17 April 2014. The selection opened with a performance of "Butterfly" by Julie Berthelsen, the Danish entry in the sixth edition. After the performances of the contestants, Chlöe Howl performed an acoustic version of her song, "Rumour", the winning song of the sixth edition. Nabiha won the edition with "Bang that Drum" while Anna David was chosen to represent the country in the first edition of the OGAN Second Chance Contest.

Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 English Natasha Thomas "Skin Deep" 7 93
02 English Nabiha "Bang that Drum" 1 118
03 English Anna David "If You Wanna Cry" 4 106
04 Danish Jasmin "Løber I Stiletter" 6 100
05 English Kato feat. Shontelle "I'm In Love" 2 112
06 English Saseline "I Hate to Say It" 10 70
07 Danish Joey Moe "Dobbeltslag" 8 92
08 English Oh Land "Pyromaniac" 9 79
09 English Sirena "Love Is Not" 3 111
10 Danish Burhan G "Søvnløs" 5 105

Italic Foreign act selected by the jury members from DR.

Voting and results

Unlike the first edition, this edition adapted the Northvision–style; 12, 10 and 8 to 1 with all the songs receiving points. The juries were, apart from the Danish, countries from the contest's participants. The song with the highest score was elected as the fourth winner of the selection and therefore to represent the country in the eighth edition.


Countries Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, LithuaniaMalta, Moldova, Norway, PolandPortugal, Romania, Sweden 17

12 points

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points
3 "Bang that Drum" Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Sweden
"I'm In Love" Greece, Portugal, Romania
"If You Wanna Cry" Denmark, Malta, Moldova
"Løber I Stiletter" Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania
"Dobbeltslag" Croatia, Iceland, Poland
2 "Love Is Not" Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein


  1. Flag of Iceland Greta Salome
  2. Flag of Norway Erik Solbakken
  3. Flag of Lithuania Eglė Jurgaitytė
  4. Flag of Hungary Éva Novodomszky
  5. Flag of Poland Czesław Mozil
  6. Flag of Azerbaijan Nikki Jammal
  1. Flag of Liechtenstein Claudia Schanza
  2. Flag of Greece Eleni Foureira
  3. Flag of Croatia Giuliano Đanić
  4. Flag of Sweden Nick Sörensen
  5. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Maja Nurkić
  6. Flag of Ireland Geraldine McQueen
  1. Flag of Malta Glen Vella
  2. Flag of Moldova Mishelle
  3. Flag of Portugal Catarina Pereira
  4. Flag of Romania Elena Gheorghe
  5. Flag of Denmark Lina Rafn

Voting grid

Song Flag of Azerbaijan Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Croatia Flag of Denmark Flag of Greece Flag of Hungary Flag of Iceland Flag of Ireland Flag of Liechtenstein Flag of Lithuania Flag of Malta Flag of Moldova Flag of Norway Flag of Poland Flag of Portugal Flag of Romania Flag of Sweden Total
"Skin Deep" 2 3 7 4 8 6 4 6 1 10 10 10 6 5 5 2 4 93
"Bang that Drum" 8 12 3 10 7 2 6 7 4 8 1 2 12 4 10 10 12 118
"If You Wanna Cry" 1 5 5 12 6 5 8 4 6 6 12 12 4 6 7 4 3 106
"Løber I Stiletter" 5 2 8 6 2 12 2 12 7 12 2 1 2 8 3 6 10 100
"I'm In Love" 6 1 2 7 12 3 10 10 8 3 5 3 10 7 12 12 1 112
"I Hate to Say It" 4 4 6 5 1 4 1 3 5 2 3 7 8 3 4 3 7 70
"Dobbeltslag" 10 6 12 1 3 1 12 1 2 1 4 4 1 12 8 5 5 92
"Pyromaniac" 3 7 1 3 5 7 3 5 10 7 6 6 7 1 2 1 6 79
"Love Is Not" 12 8 4 8 4 8 7 8 12 5 7 8 3 2 1 7 8 111
"Søvnløs" 7 10 10 2 10 10 5 2 3 4 8 5 5 10 6 8 2 105

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