Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 18
DMGP 18 Logo
Final 10–28 September 2017
Venue Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning
Presenter(s) Ulla Essendrop
Broadcaster DR
Entries 10
System 50% international jury
50% televoting
Winner "Iconic" by Sada Vidoo
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 18 was the eighteenth edition of the Danish music competition that selected Denmark's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 23. The selection had a final held in Herning. Sada Vidoo won the edition with her song "Iconic".


The selection was announced on 13 July 2017, when the Danish broadcaster confirmed the country's participation in the twenty-third edition. The same day, it was announced that some minor changes were made in the format of the selection for its eighteenth edition. The selection will consist of a final with ten songs, just like in the previous edition. However, the only difference is that the winner will be determined through a different voting system; the jury/televoting system will be introduced once again after last being used in the fifth edition. The international juries, the first half of the voting, will be selected by the broadcaster while the televoting has been re-introduced for the other half of the voting.


Jyske Bank Boxen is an indoor arena, located in Herning, Denmark, that is part of the Messecenter Herning. It hosts concerts, basketball, volleyball, team handball and gymnastics competitions. It has hosted the 2010 European Women's Handball Championships, the 2013 European Short Course Swimming Championships, and the 2014 European Men's Handball Championship.

On 1 October 2010 Danish financial institution Jyske Bank purchased naming rights to the arena. The arena's opening event, on 20 October 2010, was a concert by Lady Gaga, during The Monster Ball Tour, with Semi Precious Weapons as her opening act. The arena was also being considered as the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, before the contract was eventually won by B&W Hallerne, Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

Competing entries

The competing entries of the edition were selected by the broadcaster. The broadcaster started revealing the competing acts on 24 July 2017 and finished on 31 August 2017.

Among the competing artists is Norwegian group Served, who represented their country in the nineteenth edition of the contest; the band joined forces with Julie Bjerre, who has previously participated in the selection. The list also includes previous DMGP participant Bryan Rice. Sada Vidoo, who represented the country in the seventeenth edition, was selected as a wildcard for the edition.

Table key
Artist Song (English translation) Songwriter(s)
Blondage "Stoned" Esben Nørskov Andersen, Pernille Smith-Sivertsen
Bryan Rice & Jeno Liu "Warriors" Bryan Rice, Christoffer Stjerne, Dewan-Dean Soomary, Jeno Liu
Fjer "Better" Maja Barløse
Juni "Don't Keep Your Distance" Emma Dillon, Simon Hermansen, Paw Lagermann, Lina Rafn, Nate Cyphert
Katie Keller "Snakker for meget / Penge"
(Talking too much / Money)
Amir Ghomi, Katie Keller
Off Bloom "Falcon Eye" Mette Mortensen, Alexander Flockhart, Mads Christensen
Rikke Skytte "I Don't Like" Rikke Skytte
Sada Vidoo "Iconic" Sada Vidoo, Christoffer Lauridsen, Andreas Ohn
Saint Cava "Steam" Erika Casier, Andreas Waze
Served feat. Julie Bjerre "Tilbake til oss" (Back to us) Sarah West, Leif Inge Fosen, Gabriele Guidi, Ketil Schei
The Savage Rose "Woman" The Savage Rose


The final started on 10 September 2017 with the voting lasting about two weeks and ending on 24 September 2017. The results were presented four days later, on 28 September 2017. opened the final with a medley of her songs "Final Song" and "Don't Leave". Sada Vidoo won the edition with "Iconic".

Draw Artist Song Juries Televote Total Place
Votes % Points
01 Bryan Rice & Jeno Liu "Warriors" 39 78,450 8.6 55 94 9
02 Saint Cava "Steam" 50 69,496 7.6 49 99 8
03 Juni "Don't Keep Your Distance" 50 80,137 8.8 56 106 7
04 Sada Vidoo "Iconic" 93 109,886 12.0 77 170 1
05 The Savage Rose "Woman" 48 35,616 3.9 25 73 11
06 Rikke Skytte "I Don't Like" 43 50,375 5.5 35 78 10
07 Off Bloom "Falcon Eye" 88 114,069 12.5 80 168 2
08 Blondage "Stoned" 57 84,822 9.3 59 116 5
09 Katie Keller "Snakker for meget/Penge" 56 90,296 9.9 63 119 4
10 Fjer "Better" 52 81,690 9.0 57 109 6
11 Served feat. Julie Bjerre "Tilbake til oss" 62 117,659 12.9 82 144 3

Voting and results

The voting system was different this edition; the jury/televoting system was re-introduced after last being used in the fifth edition. The international jury members were selected by the broadcaster among participating countries based on several criteria such as voting history in the contest.

The countries that were selected as the juries were the following:

  • Flag of Sweden Sweden – Most recent winner and host of the twenty-third edition.
  • Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – Best forecaster of the winner, averaging high points to the eventual winner.
  • Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands – Best forecaster of the winner, averaging high points to the eventual winner.
  • Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom – Has provided high amount of points to Denmark in the semi-finals and finals.
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary – Has provided high amount of points to Denmark in the semi-finals.
  • Flag of Italy Italy – Has provided the least amount of points to Denmark.
  • Flag of Romania Romania – Has provided the highest number of top scores to Denmark.
  • Flag of Cyprus Cyprus – Has achieved great success recently at the contest.
  • Flag of Norway Norway – Has won the contest twice; has the longest qualification streak.
  • Flag of Germany Germany – Has qualified to the final from the semi-finals the most times.
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco – Back-up jury; replaced Lebanon.
  • Flag of Lebanon Lebanon – Has awarded their top points to the winner four times.1


Jury Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom 10
Public Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Denmark, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Serbia 14

12 points

The twelve points that were given in the final.

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points

Voting grids


Draw Song Flag of Sweden Flag of Azerbaijan Flag of Faroe Islands Flag of United Kingdom Flag of Hungary Flag of Italy Flag of Romania Flag of Cyprus Flag of Norway Flag of Germany Total
1 "Warriors"
2 "Steam"
3 "Don't Keep Your Distance"
4 "Iconic"
5 "Woman"
6 "I Don't Like"
7 "Falcon Eye"
8 "Stoned"
9 "Snakker for meget/Penge"
10 "Better"
11 "Tilbake til oss"


Draw Song Flag of Albania Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Brazil Flag of Denmark Flag of Guatemala Flag of Hungary Flag of Iceland Flag of Israel Flag of Montenegro Flag of Netherlands Flag of Poland Flag of Russia Flag of Serbia Flag of San Marino Total
1 "Warriors"
2 "Steam"
3 "Don't Keep Your Distance"
4 "Iconic"
5 "Woman"
6 "I Don't Like"
7 "Falcon Eye"
8 "Stoned"
9 "Snakker for meget/Penge"
10 "Better"
11 "Tilbake til oss"


1. ^ Lebanon was removed from jury due to not competing in the twenty-third edition. The back-up jury, Morocco, replaced Lebanon.

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