Basic logo introduced in the 11th edition

Den Norsken Sangen, also known as DNS, (translated The Norwegian Song in English) is the Norwegian music competition which decides the song that will represent Norway in the North Vision Song Contest since the fourth edition.



Interested artists must contact the Norwegian broadcaster (NRK) to submit their songs. After some days, the artists will perform in front of the jurors and the 9 best songs will be selected for the show. Also, if someone famous artist shows interest they can call him/her internally to participate in DNS.


Each artist has the right to submit only one song. However, a composer or lyricist can be a contributor in more than one song. It's not mandatory that the composers will be Norwegian. The song can be in any language but it's preferred to be in Norwegian or English. However any other language is accepted. After the artists submit their song the juries select their favorite songs to enter the final show.


Artists from every country of the world can apply and only one of them will be selected to enter the competition. At the first and second edition, artists from the rest of the world couldn't enter. Since that edition, the artist could be from any country in the rest of the world. However, some big artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry cannot enter as they are too famous for the contest. The last foreign act participated in the sixth edition.

List of foreign artists in DNS

Edition Country Foreign Artist Place
#03 Flag of United States United States Anna Kendrick 10th
#04 Flag of Australia Australia Faydee 7th
#05 Flag of Finland Finland Krista Siegfrids 6th
#06 Flag of Sweden Sweden Ida LaFontaine 7th
#07#15: No foreign act



Oslo Spektrum, venue of DNS.


The selection can be held anywhere in Norway. Every city has the right to apply for the contest. However they must uphold some standards like having a venue with capacity over 5,000. NRK gets to choose between the applied cities based on their criteria for the host city. The host of the first and second edition was Arena Larvik in Larvik. From the third edition the role of host plays Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, because the competition got bigger.


Erik Solbakken & Haddy N'jie, hosting the forth DNS.


Erik Solbakken despite announcing all the votes of the Norwegian juries in other countries' national selections, has hosted the first 7 editions of the selection. Either alone or with ladies joining him. Tone Damli (represented Norway in North Vision Song Contest 1) was the second host in the third edition. Haddy N'jie followed in the fourth edition. For the fifth and sixth editions, Jenny Skavlan hosted along with Erik. Margaret Berger joined Solbakken in his last edition as the host. In the eighth edition, NRK announced that he will take a break from hosting; Margrethe Røed and Tooji hosted instead. Silya Nymoen and Kare Magnus were the hosts from the ninth until the thirteenth edition.

Edition City Venue Capacity First host Second host
#01 Larvik Arena Larvik 4,000 Erik Solbakken No second host
#03 Oslo Oslo Spektrum 9,700 Tone Damli
#04 Haddy N'jie
#05 Jenny Skavlan
#07 Margaret Berger
#08 Margrethe Røed Tooji
#09 Silya Nymoen Kare Magnus
#10 Valhall Arena 11,000
#14 Kathrine Moholt Didrik Solli Tangen


Logo used in the first 10 editions

The format of the selection has changed 3 times so far. The current one has lasted for the most of editions. Since the third edition, they are put more money on the show and the quality and quantity of the songs is bigger and better. For the tenth anniversary edition, NRK asked the fans to vote how the edition format should be. 

DNS 01

In the first edition of the selection, 3 songs were all performed by the internally selected artist. It was the first attempt for a national final, so the budget wasn't so big. Public and jury could award 12, 10 and 8 points to the songs.

DNS 02

In the second edition, again 3 songs participated in the selection, but there were 3 different artists with their respective songs. Public and jury could award 12, 10 and 8 points to the songs.

DNS 0305

In the third edition, the format changed. 10 songs participated in the final, 9 of them by Norwegian artists and 1 by an artist from one foreign country who wanted to try his/her faith in DNS. Exception were the fifth edition, when a special song was added to make it 11. The voting system also changed to the Northvision style. 12 points for the favourite song, 10 for the second favourite song, 8 until 1 points.

DNS 06–09, 11–present

In the sixth edition, a Gold Final was added in the format. Four songs with the most votes out of ten in the first round would pass to the second round. Voting in the first round was with the normal Northvision style. In the Gold Final, the song which would recieve the most points between the four superfinalists wins the competition and has the right to represent Norway in North Vision Song Contest.

DNS 10

In the tenth edition, the old format between the third and fifth edition returned. 10 songs participated in one one final. There was no foreign act, though. The voting system remained to the Northvision style. 12 points for the favourite song, 10 for the second favourite song, 8 until 1 points. All participating nations were able to vote.


So far, the fourteen winners have been in the Norwegian and English languages. The third winner marked the first Norwegian song in North Vision Song Contest and the second came seven editions later, in the tenth. For three editions in a row (four editions in total), the song which performed last won the competition.

DNS Language Artist Song Edition Results
Final Semi
#01 English Alexandra Joner "Come Inside Me" NVSC #04 16th 7th
#02 English Maria Mena "Fuck You" NVSC #05 DNQ 13th
#03 Norwegian Cir.Cuz feat. Julie Bergan "Supernova" NVSC #06 19th 5th
#04 English Maria Mena "All The Love" NVSC #07 12th 4th
#05 English Julie Bergan "Younger" NVSC #08 1st 2nd
#06 English Alida "Feathers" NVSC #09 1st AQ
#07 English Sophie Elise "Lionheart" NVSC #10 22nd AQ
#08 English Elouiz "10" NVSC #11 14th 3rd
#09 English Qleo feat. Lazee "Someone's Watching Me" NVSC #12 4th 7th
#10 Norwegian Katastrofe "Holde rundt deg" NVSC #13 16th AQ
#11 English Alexandra Joner "Cinderella" NVSC #14 4th 1st
#12 English Aurora "Running with the Wolves" NVSC #15 9th AQ
#13 English Sandra Lyng "Play My Drum" NVSC #16 20th 7th
#14 English Mørland "No Firewall" NVSC #17 12th 1st
#15 English MIIA "Dynasty" NVSC #18 TBD

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