Den Norsken Sangen 09
Logo of the ninth edition.
Final Final:
20th December 2014
Gold final:
26th December 2014
Venue Oslo Spektrum, Oslo
Presenter(s) Silya Nymoen
Kare Magnus
Broadcaster NRK
Entries 10
System 100% international jury (First Round)
100% televoting (Gold Final)
Winner "Someone's Watching Me"
by Qleo
Den Norsken Sangen
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Den Norsken Sangen 09 was the ninth edition of the Norwegian music competition that selected Norway's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 12. The selection had one Final and one Gold Final (Super-final) both held in Oslo. Qleo won the selection with the song "Someone's Watching Me" being first in both first and second round.


This time, NRK confirmed automatically the participation in North Vision Song Contest 12 with the announcement of the submissions opening for DNS 09. 234 entries were submitted with a jury of 5 people from music companies in Norway having to shorten them into 10. The same format since the sixth edition remained but rumours said that a change is likely for the tenth edition. It was the third time since the seventh edition that there was no foreign act participating.

In the first round only juries from NVSC participating countries could give their votes. After the voting of the first round is closed, the four most voted songs would progress to the Gold Final. In the Gold Final, norwegian televoting decided the winner.


Oslo Spektrum is an indoor multi-purpose arena in east central Oslo, Norway. It opened in December 1990. It is currently owned and operated by Norges Varemesse (Norway Trade Fairs), who also own and operate the Norges Varemesse conference center in Lillestrøm which is Norway's largest conference center.

Oslo Spektrum is primarily known for hosting major events such as the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, Eurovision Song Contest, and concerts by artists of national and international fame, such as Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Chris Brown.

Songs presentation

NRK announced the dates of the songs presentation on 8th December 2014; the first act would be revealed on 8th December 2014 and the last on 17th December 2014. After representing Norway in North Vision Song Contest 6 featuring Julie Bergan and losing the first place by placing second in the fifth edition of DNS against Julie again, the duo Cir.Cuz returned to the selection for a third participation along with Emila. Robin og Bugge participated for a second time in a row, too.

# Date Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Flag of None
1 December 8, 2014 Jesper Jenset "Call Me Yours" Flag of Norway
2 December 9, 2014 Chinook "Go Home"
3 December 10, 2014 Ingvar Olsen "Another Tonight"
4 December 11, 2014 Qleo "Someone's Watching Me"
5 December 12, 2014 Muri "I Was Somewhere"
6 December 13, 2014 Anja "Crazy Little Thing"
7 December 14, 2014 Robin og Bugge "Bongo Drum"
8 December 15, 2014 Charlotte Qvale feat. Thomas Eriksen "The Fire"
9 December 16, 2014 Lene Alexandra "My Boobs Are OK"
10 December 17, 2014 Cir.Cuz feat. Emila "Original"


There were complains when the television personality, model and former stripper Lene Alexandra (in 2005, she and another woman claimed that they had sex with Robbie Williams, which she later has admitted was a lie) was announced to participate with the controversial song "My Boobs Are OK" from the public stating that she isn't able to represent the country in an international level.


The running order draw was announced on 19th December 2014. The final started, one day later, on 20th December with the voting lasting about six days, ending on 25th December 2014. The qualifiers announcements took place the next day. The full results were announced after the end of the selection, on 30th December 2014.

Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 English Lene Alexandra "My Boobs Are OK" 10 53
02 English Ingvar Olsen "Another Tonight" 07 102
03 English Charlotte Qvale feat. Thomas Eriksen "The Fire" 05 124
04 English Muri "I Was Somewhere" 09 80
05 Norwegian Cir.Cuz feat. Emila "Original" 03 141
06 English Jesper Jenset "Call Me Yours" 06 109
07 English Anja "Crazy Little Thing" 08 86
08 English Chinook "Go Home" 02 164
09 English Qleo "Someone's Watching Me" 01 170
10 Norwegian Robin og Bugge "Bongo Drum" 04 131


Apart from the contestants' performances, Elouiz, performed the norwegian entry for the North Vision Song Contest 11 in the opening of the show. Former Northvision participants, Alexandra Joner and Carina Dahl performed their new songs "Tap Dance" and "Be My Lover" respectively.

Gold Final

# Song Eastern
Total Place
01. "Original" 13.914 6.504 3.506 12.867 23.632 68.625 3
02. "Someone's Watching Me" 7.364 12.515 23.171 11.407 10.021 75.478 1
03. "Go Home" 15.048 10.518 10.883 11.149 9.942 71.738 2
04. "Bongo Drum" 13.674 10.463 2.440 14.577 6.405 54.159 4


Five from the artists that were eliminated in the first round announced the votes from the Norwegian regions.

  • Flag of Norway Eastern Norway: Jesper Jenset
  • Flag of Norway Northern Norway: Charlotte Qvale feat. Thomas Eriksen
  • Flag of Norway Central Norway: Ingvar Olsen
  • Flag of Norway Southern Norway: Muri
  • Flag of Norway Western Norway: Lene Alexandra


In the first round, the juries had to vote with the Northvision–style; 12, 10 and 8 to 1 will all the songs revieving points. The juries were, apart from the Norwegian, countries from the contest's participants. The four most voted songs would progress to the Gold Final where the Norwegian televoting had to decide the winner.

The Rest of the World-jury was removed and every NBU Associate Broadcaster could vote separately.


Countries Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Moldova, Norway, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Svalbard, Sweden, Ukraine 20

12 points

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points
6 "Someone's Watching Me" Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine
5 "Go Home" Argentina, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, Svalbard
2 "Bongo Drum" Algeria, Israel
"Call Me Yours" Germany, Norway
1 "Original" Romania
"The Fire" Albania
"Another Tonight" Azerbaijan
"Crazy Little Thing" Sweden
"I Was Somewhere" Georgia

Voting grid

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