Den Norsken Sangen 17
Final Final:
28 July 2016
Gold final:
1 August 2016
Venue Valhall Arena, Oslo
Presenter(s) Kathrine Moholt
Didrik Solli Tangen
Broadcaster NRK
Entries 10
System 100% international jury (First Round)
100% televoting (Gold Final)
Winner "Fool's Gold"
by Dagny feat. Børns
Den Norsken Sangen
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Den Norsken Sangen 17 was the seventeenth edition of the Norwegian music competition that selected Norway's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 20. The selection had one Final and one Gold Final (Super-final) both held in Oslo. Dagny and American singer Børns were the clear winners of both rounds and got the right to represent Norway in the North Vision Song Contest 20 with the song "Fool's Gold".


NRK announced that Norway will participate in the twentieth edition of the North Vision Song Contest. Despite the outcome of the last edition with Norway getting one of the worst results in their history, the broadcaster didn't want to miss the anniversary edition marking 20 editions of Norway in the contest. The format returned to the usual DNS format with 2 rounds.

Vallhall, Oslo.jpg
Vallhall Arena in Valle-Hovin, Oslo.


Vallhall Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena, located in Valle-Hovin, Oslo, Norway. The stadium has a capacity of 5,500 people, during matches. The Tippeligaen club Vålerenga uses the arena for training and friendly matches in the winter off-season. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The arena also serves as an event arena.

The arena is also a well-known concert hall, with a capacity of 12,500 people. It's not far away from Valle Hovin, an outdoor concert arena.


Katrine Moholt (television personality and singer) and Didrik Solli Tangen (singer) were the hosts for another edition.

Acts presentation

NRK presented the list of the 10 candidates on 21 July 2016 with some familiar faces in it. Former Northvision winner Alida returned in a collaboration with music producer CLMD. Aneea (formerly known as Anja), Raylee, Dagny, Jesper Jenset and Astrid S were among the other artists that returned to the selection.

# Date Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Flag of None
1 July 21, 2016 Jenny Augusta "Drit og dra" (Fuck off) Flag of Norway
2 OMVR "Bad News"
3 Aneea "Champions in White"
4 Fasit "Leave It"
5 CLMD feat. Alida "Night Train"
6 Espen "Work Like Beyoncé"
7 Raylee "Falling Awake"
8 Dagny feat. Børns "Fool's Gold" Flag of Norway Flag of United States
9 Jesper Jenset "High" Flag of Norway
10 Astrid S "Paper Thin"


The running order for the show was revealed on 21 July 2016, along with the acts presentation. The final started on 23 July with the voting lasting about five days, ending on 27 July 2016. The qualifiers announcements took place on 28 July 2016. The full results were announced after the end of the selection.

Draw Language Artist Song
(English translation)
Place Points
01 Norwegian Jenny Augusta "Drit og dra" (Fuck off) 10 62
02 English OMVR "Bad News" 6 145
03 English Aneea "Champions in White" 8 106
04 English Fasit "Leave It" 7 109
05 English CLMD feat. Alida "Night Train" 5 153
06 English Espen "Work Like Beyoncé" 9 80
07 English Raylee "Falling Awake" 3 203
08 English Dagny feat. Børns "Fool's Gold" 1 242
09 English Jesper Jenset "High" 4 183
10 English Astrid S "Paper Thin" 2 225

Gold Final

# Song Eastern
Total Place
01. "Paper Thin" 7.538 15.491 8.117 8.928 19.974 60.048 2
02. "Falling Awake" 7.480 1.862 13.190 8.116 7.991 38.639 4
03. "Fool's Gold" 28.021 16.396 19.759 15.179 17.305 96.660 1
04. "High" 6.961 16.251 8.934 17.777 4.730 54.653 3


Five from the artists that were eliminated in the first round announced the votes from the Norwegian regions.

  • Flag of Norway Eastern Norway: Alida
  • Flag of Norway Northern Norway: Espen
  • Flag of Norway Central Norway: Aneea
  • Flag of Norway Southern Norway: OMVR
  • Flag of Norway Western Norway: Jenny Augusta


In the first round, the juries had to vote with the Northvision–style; 12, 10 and 8 to 1 with all the songs revieving points. The juries were, apart from the Norwegian, countries from the contest's participants and the Rest of the World-jury. The four most voted songs would progress to the Gold Final where the Norwegian televoting had to decide the winner.


Countries Algeria, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Rest of the World 26

12 points

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points
11 "Paper Thin" Algeria, Armenia, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malta, Morocco, Sweden, United Kingdom
5 "Fool's Gold" Austria, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Rest of the World
4 "High" Bosnia and HerzegovinaHoD, Germany, Lithuania, Spain
3 "Falling Awake" Andorra, Denmark, Norway
2 "Leave It" Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 "Bad News" Romania

Voting grid

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