North Vision Song Contest 6
Country Flag of Denmark Denmark
National selection
Selection process Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 02
Selection date(s) Quarter-finals:
17 November 2013
23 November 2013
26 November 2013
Selected entrant Julie Berthelsen
Selected song "Butterfly"
Selected songwriter(s)
  • Rune Braager
  • Sarah West
  • Tommy Lee James
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (11th, 60 points)
Denmark in the North Vision Song Contest
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Denmark took part in the sixth edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in Beirut, Lebanon. The country was represented by Julie Berthelsen with the song "Butterfly". The entry was selected via the second edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix hosted by the broadcaster of the country, Danmarks Radio (DR). The song got the eleventh place in the semi-final with 60 points and therefore failed to qualify.

Before North Vision

During a press conference for the fifth edition, DR confirmed that Denmark would be participating in the sixth edition. They also revealed that the second edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix would start a few days before the final of the fifth edition.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 02

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 02 was the second edition of the Danish music competition that selected Denmark's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 6. Hosted by Lise Rønne, Louise Wolff and Sofie Lassen-Kahlke, eight songs competed in the selection which consisted of seven duels, all held at Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning. Two songs competed in each of the first four duels with one from each advancing to the second round of duels. The two winners of the second round advanced to the third round where the winner was decided. The songs of the selection were announced on 17 and 24 September 2013.


The quarter-final duels started on 4 November 2013, the semi-final duels started on 17 November 2013 and the final duel on 23 November 2013. "Butterfly" performed by Julie Berthelsen was selected as the winner by an international jury voting.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  "Rejs dig op"   1521  
  "The Golden Age"   879    
  "Rejs dig op"   865  
      "Butterfly"   935    
  "Hunter & Prey"   929  
  "Butterfly"   1271    
  "Butterfly"   3336  
    "Lost in the Fire"   2964  
  "Lost in the Fire"   1324  
  "Romeo er død"   876    
  "Lost in the Fire"   1049  
      "Vi er helte"   951    
  "Vi er helte"   1288  
  "I nat er der kun musik"   712    

At North Vision

Julie Berthelsen

Julie Berthelsen performing "Butterfly" during Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

At the allocation drawn, Denmark was drawn to perform in the first half of the second semi-final. After performing sixth in the semi-final, Julie failed to qualify to the grand final making it the first non-qualification of Denmark.

On 17 January 2014, just a few hours after the final results, LBC revealed the semi-final results and Denmark was eleventh in the semi-final with 60 points, 11 points behind the tenth place, Monaco.

Both the semi-finals and the final were broadcast by DR. Ole Tøpholm was the final television commentator for second time. Lise Rønne served as the semi-finals television commentator for third time while Louise Wolff was replaced by Ulla Essendrop as the radio commentator. Emmelie de Forest was the spokesperson that announced the Danish voting in the final.


Points awarded to Denmark

Points awarded to Denmark (Semi-final 2)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Denmark

Semi-final 2 votes
Points Country
12 Flag of Andorra Andorra
10 Flag of Romania Romania
8 Flag of Albania Albania
7 Flag of Italy Italy
6 Flag of Estonia Estonia
5 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
4 Flag of Finland Finland
3 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
2 Flag of Norway Norway
1 Austria Austria
Final votes
Points Country
12 Flag of Poland Poland
10 Flag of Portugal Portugal
8 Flag of Romania Romania
7 Flag of Andorra Andorra
6 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
5 Flag of Hungary Hungary
4 Flag of Albania Albania
3 Flag of Sweden Sweden
2 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
1 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Split voting results

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