Dzer Voroshumy Hayastani Koghmits' 1
Venue TBA, Armenia
Presenter(s) Iveta Mukuchyan
Broadcaster AMRTV
Entries 21
System 50% international jury, 50% televoting
Winner TBA
Dzer Voroshumy Hayastani Koghmits'
Eurovision Heart 2 ►

Dzer Voroshumy Hayastani Koghmits' (Ձեր որոշումը Հայաստանի կողմից) is the first edition of the Armenian music competition that selects Armenia's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 20. The selection will have a semi-final consisting of ten songs each. Five entries from each semi-final will have a place in the final. The final consisting of eleven songs, ten of them will have qualified from the semi-finals along with an entry which directly qualifies to the final.

Iveta Mukuchyan hosted the show. She previously competed in the North Vision Song Contest and became the Armenian spokesperson of the eighteenth edition of the contest.

Mentor system

Every act was selected by a mentor from a different country each. The mentors (only the ones who have an entry which has qualified to the final) will also act as juries to give their votes in the final show, where they can also vote for their own selected entrant.

Armenia was allowed to have three entries participating, while mentors from NBU countries had 15 entries, including Latvia, who randomly received the foreign entry title, even though the mentor decided not to use it. The rest of the entries were given to NBU associate countries.


Flag of None Artist Song
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Armenia Armenia Emmy "Hayeli"
Algeria Algeria
Flag of Belgium Belgium Narine Dovlatyan "Spread The light"
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Christine Pepelyan "Karotic"
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Denmark Denmark
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Arevik Alaverdyan "Amen Inch Kam Vochinch"
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Greece Greece Sirusho "Where Were You"
Flag of Italy Italy C-Rouge feat. Carmen Balian "Ari Ari"
Flag of Jordan Jordan Karolina "20 Tarekan"
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Morocco Morocco Melanie Wehbe "Rich?"
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Iskuhi Hovhannisyan "Hima Herte Imna"
Flag of Philippines Philippines
Flag of San Marino San Marino Hripsime Hakobyan "Im Sirt@ Liqn A"
Flag of Sweden Sweden

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