East Vision Song Contest 7
"Here We Are"
EVSC7 Logo
Venue Bunyodkor Stadium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Presenter(s) Nargiz (Greenroom) & Rayhon
Broadcaster NTK
Opening act Semi-final: "Welcome To Uzbekistan" performed by Rayhon & Sogdiana
Grand Final: Rayhon performing "Unutaman"
Interval act Semi-final: "Super Lady (Bari Gal)" performed by Jasur Gaipov & Shahzoda
Grand Final: The Storm performing "My Crown"
Entries 31
Debuting Flag of Bahrain Bahrain
Returning Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh
Flag of Brunei Brunei
Flag of Kiribati Kiribati
Flag of Laos Laos
Flag of Philippines Philippines
Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
Withdrawing Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of Bhutan Bhutan
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia
Flag of Kuwait Kuwait
Flag of Maldives Maldives
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg Solomon Islands
Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia.svg FS Micronesia
Flag of Tonga Tonga
Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu
East Vision Song Contest
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East Vision Song Contest 7 or Eastvision Song Contest 7 (also known as EVSC 7) was the seventh edition of the East Vision Song Contest. It was held in Uzbekistan, after the country's win in the last edition. This edition, only one semi-final was held. 10 from the 21 countries participating qualified to the final, where the 10 best countries of the last edition were automatically qualified.


Tashkent (Uzbek: Toshkent, Тошкент ; Russian: Ташкент ; literally "Stone City") is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. The officially registered population of the city in 2012 was about 2,309,300.

Due to its position in Central Asia, Tashkent came under Sogdian and Turkic influence early in its history, before Islam in the 8th century AD. After its destruction by Genghis Khan in 1219, the city was rebuilt and profited from the Silk Road. In 1865 it was conquered by the Russian Empire, and in Soviet times witnessed major growth and demographic changes due to forced deportations from throughout the Soviet Union. Today, as the capital of an independent Uzbekistan, Tashkent retains a multi-ethnic population with ethnic Uzbeks as the majority.

Bidding phase

On June the 6th, it was announced that Samarkand was the first who has joined the bidding phase. A day later Tashkent joined the bid. The Broadcaster hopes for Bukhara also to join soon. Later that day Bukhara, Andijan and Navoi also joined the bidding phase. Also that day Samarkand has withdrawn from the bidding phase, because the Freedome Arena was to build new, but the government cancelled the building plans.

City Venue Capacity
Active bids
Tashkent Turkiston concert Hall 3,200
Bunyodkor Stadium 34,000
Bukhara Buxoro Arena 25,520
Andijan Soghlom Avlod Stadium 18,360
Navoi Yoshlar Stadium 12,500
Withdrawn bids
Samarkand Freedome Arena 23,000

On June the 9th it was revealed that the host city will be Tashkent, also revealed was that the venue will be the Bunyodkor Stadium. The capacity from the stadium was reduced because of the Stage and the Greenroom. Also there was a roof on the stadium.



Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Jamie McDell "Crash" 06 118
2 Flag of Jordan Jordan King Deco "Ocean" 05 124
3 Flag of North Korea North Korea Moranbong Band "Sound of My Heart" 18 32
4 Flag of Marshall Islands Marshall Islands George Telek "West Papua (Papua Merdeka Remix)" 21 7
5 Flag of Laos Laos Tot Lina "Ao Jai Khoy Pai (Take Me)" 03 134
6 Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Mumzy Stranger "Ash Kardi" 20 7
7 Flag of Brunei Brunei D'Hask "Tempat Ku" 19 20
8 Flag of Kiribati Kiribati Dan Sultan "The Same Man" 17 33
9 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sara Sukurani "Love Me Love Me" 12 88
10 Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Shamyrat Orazow "Milyoner" 14 77
11 Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Zorigt ft. Hishigdalai "Hairtai Hundee" 13 80
12 Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan Anisa "Chi Kunam" 09 102
13 Flag of Palestine Palestine Fadee Andrawos "Lamma Tkoun" 15 48
14 Flag of East Timor East Timor Zelly Barreto "Hakarak hamutuk ho o" 16 45
15 Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Zee Avi "Concrete Wall" 02 139
16 Flag of Philippines Philippines Nadine Lustre "Me and You" 08 110
17 Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan Mozhdah Jamalzadah "I'll Be Fine" 01 177
18 Flag of Bahrain Bahrain Hala Al Turk "Live In The Moment" 10 94
19 Flag of India India Vishal Dadlani & Shivi "Lalla Lalla Lori" 07 111
20 Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Hương Tràm "I'm Still Loving You" 04 132
21 Flag of Thailand Thailand Girl Berry "Featuring" 11 92


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Flag of Taiwan Taiwan Da Mouth "What the..?" 13 73
2 Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Gulzada & Gulzhigit Kalykov "Zhalyn biy" 18 43
3 Flag of India India Vishal Dadlani & Shivi "Lalla lalla lori" 6 117
4 Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan Anisa "Chi kunam" 5 122
5 Flag of Japan Japan Perfume "Pick me up" 2 139
6 Flag of Philippines Philippines Nadine Lustre "Me and you" 10 95
7 Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan Mozhdah Jamalzadah "I'll be fine" 1 157
8 Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Huong Tram "I'm still loving you" 3 135
9 Flag of South Korea South Korea HISTORY "Might just die" 14 68
10 Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Zee Avi "Concrete wall" 7 108
11 Flag of Jordan Jordan King Deco "Ocean" 12 88
12 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Jamie McDell "Crash" 9 105
13 Flag of Burma Burma Ah Moon "Endless" 16 52
14 Flag of Singapore Singapore BY2 "Zhe Jiao Ai" 20 31
15 1280px-Flag of Macau.svg Macau Alexander Lee Eusebio "You and I" 19 41
16 Flag of Indonesia Indonesia Vidi Aldiano "Membiasakan cinta" 17 43
17 Flag of Laos Laos Tot Lina "Ao jai khoy pai (Take me)" 4 125
18 Flag of Bahrain Bahrain Hala al Turk "Live in the moment" 8 108
19 Flag of China China Richael "Gē Lù" 11 88
20 Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Nilufar & DJ Pilgrim "Dilim" 15 60

Other countries

  • Flag of Australia Australia: The country announced its participation in the 7th edition, however it failed to send its entry before the deadline and thus will not be taking part in the edition and be receiving a fine.
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq: On 27th June 2015, Iraq announced that they won't return due to financial issues.
  • Flag of Kuwait Kuwait: On 15th March 2015, Kuwait announced its withdrawal without naming any reasons.
  • Flag of Maldives Maldives: On 29th June 2015, Maldives announced that they wouldn't participate due to lack of artists.
  • Flag of Palau Palau: On 21st June 2015, it was announced that Palau won't return due to low interest.
  • Flag of Tonga Tonga: Tongan president stated that they are not willing to participate in the seventh edition however a future participation is possible.

The following countries, didn't announce anything and missed the deadline, withdrawing therefore.