Ein Lied für Unheilig was a national selection for the 2nd edition of the North Vision Song Contest selecting a song for the German band Unheilig.


10 songs participated in the contest. The eventual winner "Sei mein Licht" was not selected to represent Germany in the second edition because there was no music video for the song, which was a requirement at the time. "An deiner Seite" was selected out of the 4 runner-ups by the host.

Draw Song Translation Place Points
01 "Brief an dich" Letter to you 3 18
02 "Rache" Revenge 10 8
03 "Geboren um zu leben" Born to live 6 17
04 "Sage Ja" Say yes 3 18
05 "Still, Still, Still" Still, still, still 3 18
06 "Feuerengel" Fireangel 9 13
07 "Mona Lisa" Mona Lisa 8 14
08 "An deiner Seite" By your side 2 18
09 "Sei mein Licht" Be my light 1 34
10 "So wie du warst" Just as you were 7 16

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