Flag of Ireland "Enchanted"
North Vision Song Contest 15 entry
Country Ireland
Artist(s) Young Wonder
Language English
Songwriter(s) Rachel Koeman, Ian Ring
Finals performance
Semi-final result 17th, 35 points
Appearance chronology
◄ "The Shield and the Sword" (14)   
"Love Is a Drug" (16) ►

"Enchanted" is a song by Irish electronic pop duo Young Wonder. It was chosen to represent Ireland in the North Vision Song Contest 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 03.27.22

'Young Wonder' performing 'Enchanted' at Made in Ireland 9

The song was written for inclusion in Young Wonder's debut album 'Birth' to be released of the back of their Northvision participation. In an interview Young Wonder member Ian said "North Vision hasn't always been my thing, but acts like Phildel and Kokoro have been big inspirations for us and our music, so we wanted to share our music in the way they did; In the process pathing the way for more undergound acts to gain recognition via the contest". This point has so far seemed succesful as it has given the band their highest charting single, even if it is yet to chart as high as other Irish entries. 

The band performed in the first semi final of Made in Ireland 9 where it qualified for the final (it would later be announced they came first in their semi final). Following their performance in the final they managed to win first place, beating Say Lou Lou by a mear two points. 


Despite winning its semi final and appearing popular during the selection, the song has appeared to be one of the least well received irish entry of the country's history in the contest, reaching all time lows for the nation in the betting odds. The song and Ireland in general have been little talked about with low hopes for its success being reflected in RTÉ reportedly giving them a sizably smaller budget than previous acts in which to promote themselves with; the band has instead relied heavily on promotion through fans and social media with #EnchantedByIreland be used by supporters on twitter. 

Track listings

  • CD single/Digital Download
  1. "Enchanted (Northvision edit)" – 3:03
  2. "Enchanted" –  4:26

Chart positions 

Chart (2015) Peak
Ireland (Ceol Charts) 10
Lebanon (Long Island Charts) 2

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