Eurolied 2 NVSC5
Semi-finals 1st 21st August, 2nd 28th August
Final 4th September
Venue Palais12/Paleis12
Presenter(s) Christiane Ohliger
Broadcaster VRT
Entries 12
System -8,8,10 and 12
Winner {{{winner}}}
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Semi Final 1

Draw   Language Artist   Song   Place   Points  
01 English Lasgo Over You
02 English The Van Jets Danger Zone
03 Dutch K3 Ma Ma Se
Guest Performer TBA TBA X X
04 English Gwyllion Angelheart
05 English Tom Dice Utopia
06 English Danzel Under Arrest
Guest Performer TBA TBA X X

Semi Final 2

Draw   Language Artist   Song   Place   Points  
01 English, French SALUE ft. Charlie Winson Dusty Men
02 French Stromae Papaoutai
03 French Jonaton Cerrada Libre Comme L'Air
Flag of Azerbaijan AzerbaijanGuest Performer Nikki Jamal "Həyacanın Yaşı Yoxdur " X X
04 French Sarina en Final
05 French SUAREZ Souffle de délire
06 French Ete 67 Dis moi encore
Flag of Bulgaria BulgariaGuest Performer Vessy Boneva "Svurzani" (Свързани)

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