Evrobachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir (Russian/Ukrainian: Евробачення Національний Відбір, Yevrobachennya Natsional'niy Vidbir), sometimes abbreviated as ENV, is the official National Selection of Ukraine for the Northvision Song Contest organized by Ukrainian public broadcaster NTU. Its first edition started on November 8, 2013 with its first semi-final wherein 20 participants took part and was followed by another 20 participants with the second semi-final on November 11, 2013. It replaced the Pisnya dlya... National Selection wherein an internally selected artist will perform a number of songs to determine Ukraine's entry.

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Evrobachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir is based on NTU's national selection for Eurovision Song Contest with the same name. The two NSs differ in names despite being read the same, the first having the Russian ye (Е) in the word Evrobachennya and the latter with the Ukrainian ye (Є) because the broadcaster wanted to have a same name with only a slight difference to distinguish it from the other.

Selection Process

NTU invites aspiring and professional singers to submit songs weeks before the start of the first semi-final. Then a group of juries select 40 potential songs for North Vision Song Contest.


A total of 40 acts are chosen for each edition of ENV. NTU refuses to accept foreign acts despite being allowed by NVSC as they want to showcase Ukrainian talents to the world. However they consider Russian (or ex-SSR) singers with roots from Ukraine (i.e. Dominik Joker in the first edition) as their international act.


NTU doesn't offer much restrictions to songs. It can be sung in any language and in any style the artist/composer wants to but NTU strongly prohibits songs with too much swearing and songs that may provoke conflict with other Ukrainians, genders, races and/or other countries.


The Freedom Hall in Kiev was designated as the sole venue for Evrobachennya Natsionalnyi Vidbir for North Vision Song Contest.


NTU invites professional foreign juries to critic all songs in each semi-final casting their votes in Eurovision Style (12, 10, 8-1 point/s for the most desrving songs and the others are ranked 11th-20th). At the same time, the Ukrainian public could take part in the voting via SMS and online voting. Once the voting is closed, all of the public votes are gathered and made into one jury vote.


Edition Juries (in running order)

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Edition Artist Song Language Translation NVSC Final Semi
#01 Olya Polyakova "Russian Style" Russian --- #06 TBA TBA