Ewa Jach
Born Poznań, Poland
Genres Pop
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Label My Music

Ewa Jach until now has been known primarily for his work with Kayah, Kasia Wilk or Mezo. In her musical activities but the time has come to place first, completely independent steps. In the song "Mamy czas" Ewa talks about the necessity of faith in love. We all need love, most importantly, to be able to appreciate it and do not be afraid to speak, that it is found. We must believe that the world is someone who can turn our lives into a paradise.

In 2012, his debut album Ewa Jach "KomPozycje" included 11 songs kept in a climate of pop. Can be found on the positive beautiful ballads about love and great dancing atmosphere. This sensational record for sunny and cloudy days, the artist calls for overcoming difficulties and enormous faith in the love which is the meaning of existence. Inspiration there were occasions in the life of the artist and its surroundings so that they are as real.

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