Fantasifestivalen 18
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Final TBA
Venue Malmö Arena
Malmö, Sweden
Presenter(s) Eric Saade
Sarah Dawn Finer
Broadcaster SVT
Entries 12

50% Jury, 50% SMS and telephone voting in the final.

100% SMS and telephone voting in the heats and Second Chance round.
Winner Violet Days
"Screaming Colors"
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Fantasifestivalen 18 is the eighteenth edition of the Swedish music competition Fantasifestivalen that selects Sweden's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 18.


It was originally planned that 7 acts will compete in each heat, 2 acts would qualify to the final and 2 to Andra Chansen. Andra Chansen would have featured 4 duels, which means the final would have consisted of 12 songs.

After there was a bomb threat during the semi-final 1 show, SVT announced later that only one final with 12 songs would be held.


# Artist Song
(English translation)
Lyrics (l) / Music (m)
1 Ida LaFontaine "Go Again" Emil Berg, Markus Videsäter
2 Robin Stjernberg "Take Me Home" Robin Stjernberg
3 ILY "Magic" Mimmi Olsen
4 Violet Days "Screaming Colors" Lina Hansson, Kristoffer Eriksson
5 Smash Into Pieces feat. Elize Ryd "My Cocaine" Benjamin Jennebo, Anna Sundström
6 Maria Hazell "Golden Boy" Maria Hazell, Hugo Björk
7 Full Of Keys "Me & The Sea" Anni Bernhard, Alx Go, Kim W
8 Arash "Ba Man Soot Bezan" Anderz Wrethov, Arash, Robert Uhlmann, Mahyar Kazemzadeh
9 Mariette "The Next Generation Calls" Mariette Hansson, Melanie Wehbe, Elias Näslin
10 Ace Wilder "Throne" Alice Gernandt, Adam Kulling, Erik Shalén
11 XOV "DTTM (Don't Talk To Me)" Damian Ardestani
12 Morten feat. Frida Sundemo "Beautiful Heartbeat" Morten Breum, Klaus Christensen, Joel Humlén, Ash Pournouri, Frida Sundemo

Semi-final 1 (Cancelled)

The semi-final was cancelled after there has been a bomb threat during the semi-final 1 show. The threat was later declared as wrong, but all semi-finals were cancelled due to the delay caused by the situation. Ace Wilder and Violet Days would have qualified from this semi-final, and therefore get to participate in the final.

# Artist Song
(English translation)
Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Votes Place Results
Round 1 Round 2 Total
1 Ace Wilder "Throne" Alice Gernandt, Adam Kulling, Erik Shalén
2 Last Night On Earth "Leaving Cities (Carry Me Home)" Marilyn, Albin
3 Martin Almgren "The Best You Can Is Good Enough" Gabriel Alares, Bobby Ljunggren, Magnus Wallin, Gustaf Svenungsson 7 Out
4 Amanda Winberg "Rule The World" Eric Lundberg, Christian Jonson, Angelica Persson 6 Out
5 The Murder of My Sweet "The Humble Servant" Daniel Flores, Angelica Rylin
6 Axel Schylström "The Champion" Oliver Lundström, Mattias Frändå, Johan Åsgärd
7 Violet Days "Screaming Colors" Lina Hansson, Fredrik Häggstam, Kristoffer Eriksson, Fredric Johansson