Flag of Finland
Broadcaster YLE (Yleisradio)
Selection process Suomi laulukilpailun (#01, #05, #13-#16)
Suomalaisen Musiikin Kilpailu (#22-present)
Appearances 23 (16 finals)
Debut NVSC #01
Best result 2nd: #12
Worst result 7th PQR: #20
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#25) 10th
Highest ranking 8th
Lowest ranking 54th
Finland debuted in the first edition of the contest and has participated in every edition, except #21. The national broadcaster, YLE (Yleisradio), has been organising the Finnish participation since debut.

Finland's best result to date is from the 12th edition, when the country placed 2nd. In the 20th edition however, the country scored its worst result, 7th in the Pre-Qualification Round.


Finland debuted in the first edition, in Budapest, Hungary. Finland's debut was not incredibly successful, as Haloo Helsinki! finished only 12th in the semi-final, failing to qualify. In the second edition, Finland scored much better, finishing in 5th place with Tarja Turunen and "I Walk Alone".

Finland has generally been successful in the contest, with multiple top 10 placements, including in the 2nd, 5th, 10th, 12th and 18th editions. Out of 20 full participations, Finland has qualified to the final 13 times, giving Finland a 65% qualification rate.

In the 20th edition, Finland, for the first time, failed to qualify from the Pre-Qualification Round. Because of this, and other internal problems within YLE, Finland withdrew for the first time in the 21st edition. Despite the withdrawal, Finland is set to make a return in the 22nd edition, taking place in Bulgaria, with a new national selection - Suomalaisen Musiikin Kilpailu.


Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
     Did not qualify from the pre-qualification round
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Haloo Helsinki! "Vapaus käteen jää" Failed to qualify 12 47
#02 Tarja Turunen "I Walk Alone" 5 128 8 75
#03 The Rasmus & Anette Olzon "October & April" 23 63 AQ
#04 Erin "Ei taida tietää tyttö" Failed to qualify 14 55
#05 Jenni Vartiainen "En haluu kuolla tänä yönä" 8 130 5 99
#06 Krista Siegfrids "Can You See Me?" 12 117 7 84
#07 Laura Närhi "Hetken tie on kevyt" 13 111 10 66
#08 Jannika B "Seuraavaan elämään" 19 75 6 76
#09 Jenni Vartiainen "Suru on kunniavieras" 12 92 6 87
#10 Softengine "Yellow House" 9 118 4 89
#11 Nimetön "Peili" Failed to qualify 19 30
#12 Softengine "The Sirens" 2 158 3 98
#13 Haloo Helsinki! "Kiitos ei ole kirosana" 18 89 AQ
#14 Ellinoora "Ei hävittävää (AEIOUAO)" 22 63 7 74
#15 Krista Siegfrids "On & Off" 19 80 4 94
#16 PMMP "Lautturi" Failed to qualify 13 47
#17 Titta "Niin yli susta" 13 63
#18 Vesala "Tequila" 8 165 1 122
#19 Antti Tuisku "Pyydä multa anteeks kunnolla" Failed to qualify 20 50
#20 My First Band "Don't Break My Corazon" Failed to qualify (7th, 46 points)
#21 Did not compete
#22 Saara Aalto "You Had My Heart" 24 142 6 162
#23 Laura Närhi "Supersankari" 14 224 4 177
#24 Vilma Alina feat. Jon-Jon "Syliin" 23 158 7 170
#25 Lxandra "Dig Deep" 14 202 4 192

Other contests

Junior North Vision Song Contest

Finland debuted in the Junior North Vision Song Contest in the 2nd edition (then called Kid's North Vision) and has won the contest twice. In the 2nd edition, Jenni Jaakkola was selected, with the song "Tämä on unta". Unexpectedly, Jenni finished first in the grand final, receiving 116 points. In the 5th edition Finland once again won the contest, with Molly and "If I Ever Grow Up", which scored 155 points.

Finland hosted the contest in the 3rd edition, in Mariehamn, and in the 6th edition, in Helsinki. Despite winning twice, Finland withdrew in the 8th edition and hasn't participated since.

Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#02 Jenni Jaakkola "Tämä on unta" 1 116 No semi-finals
#03 Poppisarna "Rymden" 16 17
#04 Emma Olivia "My Shoes" 7 73
#05 Molly "If I Ever Grow Up" 1 155
#06 Aino Morko "Päästä mut irti" 11 62
#07 Axel "Ta min hand" 17 36
Did not participate between #08 and #10

Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix

Finland debuted in the Nordic song contest, Nordisk Melodi Grand Prix, in the first edition. After coming last twice, Finland withdrew from the contest in the third edition, only to return in the fourth edition to score a win, with the song "Cinnamon Hearts" by Eva & Manu.

Edn. Artist Song Final Points
#01 Nopsajalka "Lupaan olla" 6 2
#02 Teleks "Lainaksi ystäviltäni" 6 8
Did not participate in #03
#04 Eva & Manu "Cinnamon Hearts" 1 36
#05 Mia Liu "I'd Go Gay for You" 6 14
#06 Kaisa Vala "After Emma I'm Not OK" 8 4
#07 White Balance "Home" 1 40