Background information
Origin Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Genres Pop-rock
Years active 2013 – present
Labels LAMA
Members Laila Carlsen
Ann Chanett Danielsen
Malan Eyðunsdóttir

Flamma (formerly known as Divaz) is a Faroese pop-rock band based in Tórshavn. The band is signed to the record label LAMA.

The 3 female lead singers in Flamma, Laila Carlsen, Ann Chanett Danielsen and Malan Eyðunsdóttir, are coming from different musical backgrounds, such as gospel, pop, rock and musical.

Flamma have debuted with their first album in 2013 and are well known in the Faroese music industry.

North Vision Song Contest 18

The band took part in the Faroese national selection for the eighteenth North Vision Song Contest and won with a total of 116 points and therefore represented the country at the international music competition in Belgium in March 2016.