Freaky Fortune
Freaky Fortune, ESC2014 Meet & Greet 02 (crop)
Background information
Origin Greece
Genres Dance
Associated acts RiskyKidd
Members Nick Raptakis
Theofilos Pouzbouris

Freaky Fortune is a Greek musical duo. Its members are the vocalist Nicolas "Nick" Raptakis (Νικόλας Ραπτάκης, Athens 30 April 1990) and the producer Theofilos Pouzbouris (Θεόφιλος Πουζμπούρης, Athens 9 February 1991) AKA. Teo Buzz.


2012–13: Early beginnings

Their breakthrough in the global internet community was a cover on the Perez Hilton's cover competition. Freaky Fortune "Part of me" (Katy Perry cover) was announced as a brilliant work by the Greek duo. After their win, they released 3 singles "Our Destiny", "Stronger" and "All I need", having a great local radio success.

2014: Eurovision Song Contest

In 2014 they were chosen to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 along with the rapper RiskyKidd with the song "Rise Up". "Rise Up" came 20th in the Final of Eurovision 2014. Their following single "In a world without you" was released on June 25, 2014 receiving positive reviews from music critics. The song was a collaboration with the Greek Dj Nicolas Costa who also wrote the song while the production was done by him and Freaky Fortune.