North Vision Song Contest 11
Country Flag of Georgia Georgia
National selection
Selection process A Song For Georgia 2
Selection date(s) Announcements: 22nd September 2014
Voting: 19th October 2014
Results: 9th November 2014
Selected entrant Yaseniya
Selected song "Ty Ne Poverish"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (13th, 57 points)
Georgia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Flag of Georgia Georgia took part in the eleventh edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in Lviv, Ukraine. The country was represented by Yaseniya with the song "Ty Ne Poverish". The entry was selected via the national selection "A Song For Georgia 2".

"A Song For Georgia 2"

The 17th September 2014, the Georgian HoD officially confirmed that Georgia will participate in the next edition which will be held in the Ukrainian city Lviv. Together with the participation the second edition of "A Song For Georgia 2" was confirmed.

The song announcements of "A Song For Georgia 2" started the 22nd September 2014. The twelve participating artists were revealed day after day, including a foreign act from Armenia. After the announcements, the running order was revealed (14th October 2014).

The voting in "A Song For Georgia 2" started the 19th October 2014. All the NBU broadcaster were able to vote in the NS by giving points in Eurovision style, so that 2 songs were given no points. The voting deadline was the 7th November 2014.

Draw Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
1 Veriko Turashvili "Ra Kargi Xar" Georgian 7 80
2 Tako Gachechiladze "I Surrender" English - 8 72
3 DATO "Straight Through My Heart" English - 2 126
4 Keti Kvitsaridze "Cherries" Georgian - 3 106
5 Marcus Metreveli "Gelodebi" Georgian "Waiting For You" 11 62
6 Green Room ft. Dato Lomidze "Lost" English - 10 63
7 Srbuhi Boyajyan "Arag Arag" Armenian "Fast Fast" 12 58
8 Dito Lagvilava "Hero" English - 6 83
9 Ivana ft. Nodiko & Datuna "Ya Ljublju Gruzina" Russian "I Love A Georgian" 9 64
10 Ani Siradze "Mxolod Sizmari" Georgian "Only A Dream" 5 92
11 Davit Kalandadze "Saidumlo" Georgian "Secret" 4 97
12 Yaseniya "Ty Ne Poverish" Russian "You Won't Believe" 1 141

The results were revealed the 9th November 2014. With a big margin to the runner-up DATO Yaseniya managed to win the second edition of "A Song For Georgia" and so she will represent Georgia in the eleventh edition of NVSC held in Lviv, Ukraine.

At Northvision



At the allocation drawn, Georgia was drawn to perform in the second half of the second semifinal. Georgia performed twelfth in the semi-final.

Although a lot of predictions said that Yaseniya should get to the Grand Final, she didn't manage to qualify. "Ty Ne Poverish" ended up 13th in the semifinal with 57 points.


Table key

     Winner – Georgia gave points to a winning song
     Second place – Georgia gave points to a runner-up song
     Third place – Georgia gave points to a third place song
     Qualified – Georgia gave points to a song that was a qualifier
     Non-qualified – Georgia gave points to a song that was not a qualifier
Points given and received
Points Given Received
Semi-final Final Semi-final Final
12 Flag of Morocco Morocco Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Failed to qualify
10 Flag of Ireland Ireland Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
8 Flag of France France Flag of Croatia Croatia
7 Flag of Portugal Portugal Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
6 Flag of Greece Greece Flag of Denmark Denmark
5 Flag of Poland Poland Flag of Morocco Morocco Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Croatia Croatia
4 Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Monaco Monaco Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Belarus Belarus
3 Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Flag of France France Flag of France France
2 Flag of Armenia Armenia Flag of Poland Poland
1 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Moldova Moldova