North Vision Song Contest 16
Country Flag of Georgia Georgia
National selection
Selection process internal
Selection date(s)

Clues: 1st September - 5th September 2015

Song Presentation: 6th September 2015
Selected entrant Tako Meliqishvili
Selected song "Nu Metyvi"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (20th, 19 points)
Georgia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Flag of Georgia Georgia took part in the sixteenth edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in Jerusalem, Israel. The country was represented by Tako Meliqishvili with the song "Nu Metyvi". The entry was selected via an internal selection.


The 6th August 2014, the Georgian delegation around the HoD Antone Gomerishvili had a meeting in the main office in Tbilisi. It was discussed whether Georgia will continue its participation in the North Vision Song Contest or not. A second metting had to be arranged in order to discuss two possible options: Georgia will either confirm its participation and select the entry internally or Georgia will withdraw.
The 16th August 2015, the second meeting of the Georgian delegation took place. The result of the meeting was the confirmation of Georgia that they will definetely participate in the sixteenth edition.

So it was sure that Georgia will select the next entry internally. Like it was already organized in the fourteenth edition with "Paper Boat" by Rati Durglishvili, the Georgian HoD Antone Gomerishvili planned to reveal several clues about the next entry. After the clues' revelation, a show was held where the officially chosen entry was presented.

From the 1st September to the 5th September 2015, the five clues were scheduled. Every day, the delegation asked the public to make guesses about the answer to a question. After the five hints were known, the public was able to suggest songs which they think it could be the searched entry.
After all the five clues were revealed, the public only knew that the next Georgian entry is a ballad in Georgian performed by a solo female artist debuting in the North Vision Song Contest.

The song presentation was scheduled to the 6th September 2015. The show included a performance of the former NVSC winner from Kazakhstan A-Studio with "Prosto Proshay", an interview with the next Georgian representant Tako Meliqishvili and a preview of a few songs chosen for NVSC #16. Finally, the song which Tako will sing in Jerusalem was presented. It is her ballad "Nu Metyvi".

At Northvision

Tako Meliqishvili

Tako performing in Jerusalem.

At the allocation drawn, Georgia was drawn to perform in the first half of the first semifinal. Georgia performed first in the semi-final and so opened the whole contest.

Tako Meliqishvili was not able to qualify to the Grand Final by getting last with 19 points, which means that Georgia will have to attend the Pre-Qualification Round of next edition.


Table key

     Winner – Georgia gave points to a winning song
     Second place – Georgia gave points to a runner-up song
     Third place – Georgia gave points to a third place song
     Qualified – Georgia gave points to a song that was a qualifier
     Non-qualified – Georgia gave points to a song that was not a qualifier
Points given and received
Points Given Received
Semi-final Final Semi-final Final
12 Flag of Belarus Belarus Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Failed to qualify
10 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Flag of Ireland Ireland Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
8 Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Italy Italy
7 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Flag of Israel Israel
6 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of Monaco Monaco Flag of Moldova Moldova
5 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
4 Flag of Turkey Turkey Flag of Turkey Turkey
3 Austria Austria Flag of Norway Norway
2 Flag of Finland Finland Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Israel Israel
1 Flag of France France Flag of Spain Spain Flag of Croatia Croatia

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