North Vision Song Contest 18
Country Flag of Georgia Georgia
National selection
Selection process internal
Selection date(s)

Artist: 2nd February 2016

Song: 6th February 2016
Selected entrant Soufee
Selected song "Moya vselennaya"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (19th, 29 points)
Georgia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Flag of Georgia Georgia took part in the eightteenth edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in Brussels, Belgium. The country was represented by Soufee with the song "Moya vselennaya". The entry was selected via an internal selection.


Original selection

The 24th December 2015, the Georgian HoD Antone Gomerishvili had confirmed that Georgia will participate in Brussels, even after the failure of "Gibberish" the edition before. The entry was selected internally.

The past editions, there was a show presenting the internally selected entry. Due to organisation problems, no show has been broadcasted. Instead of that, the chosen artist and its entry were revealed separately.

Sofia Nizharadze

Sofia Nizharadze

The chosen artist, Sofia Nizharadze, was presented the 2nd February 2016. Her song which she was supposed to sing had been revealed and presented the 6th February 2016 during an interview on a talk show. Sofia's chosen song is called "The Reason I Go On".


Nearly two weeks passed before the Georgian delegation got a message from the NBU council. The originally chosen entry "The Reason I Go On" was detected as a cover of the same-named song by Celine Dion. That means that Sofia wasn't able to participate with her entry.
The Georgian HoD Antone Gomerishvili decided to choose another artist which should compete in Brussels. the 17th February 2016, the choice got to Sophie Avazashvili, commonly known as Soufee. Her song "Moya vselennaya" had been chosen by Gomerishvili to compete in March.

At Northvision


Soufee performing in Brussels.

At the allocation drawn, Georgia was drawn to perform in the second half of the second semifinal. Georgia performed first in the semi-final and so opened the whole contest.

Soufee was not able to qualify for the Grand Final by getting 19th with 29 points, which means that Georgia will have to attend the Pre-Qualification Round of next edition.


Table key

     Winner – Georgia gave points to a winning song
     Second place – Georgia gave points to a runner-up song
     Third place – Georgia gave points to a third place song
     Qualified – Georgia gave points to a song that was a qualifier
     Non-qualified – Georgia gave points to a song that was not a qualifier
Points given and received
Points Given Received
Semi-final Final Semi-final Final
12 Flag of Spain Spain Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Failed to qualify
10 Flag of Malta Malta Flag of Norway Norway
8 Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Andorra Andorra
7 Flag of Albania Albania Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Russia Russia
6 Flag of Russia Russia Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
5 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
4 Flag of Moldova Moldova Algeria Algeria
3 Flag of Romania Romania Flag of Poland Poland Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
2 Flag of Italy Italy Flag of Moldova Moldova Flag of Ireland Ireland
1 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Flag of Albania Albania

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