North Vision Song Contest 9
Country Flag of Georgia Georgia
Finals performance
Semi-final result Withdrawn
Georgia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Georgia didn't took part in the ninth edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in Oslo, Norway.


After the results of the Grand Final of the North Vision Song Contest 8 were revealed, the Head of the NBU noticed that a few countries show a similar voting system. These countries were Flag of Croatia Croatia, Flag of Georgia Georgia, Flag of Morocco Morocco and Flag of Montenegro Montenegro. After a time of research, the NBU could prove that Georgia, Morocco and Montenegro often gave 12 points to Croatia (if they were in the same semifinal) and exchanged their 12 points in several editions. The Head of the NBU gave also some proves like for example NVSC #5 (Semifinal) or NVSC #7 (Semifinal).

Being suspected by the NBU, the IP addresses of the users were checked. The results were shocking: Although they have different IP addresses, there are two pairs of users, that have the same coordinates from accessing the internet. In the end, it was clear that the users of Croatia and Morocco have the same IP address, same goes with the users of Montenegro and Georgia. All of them are located in Croatia.

This incident was not a new one as the same users have attempted to cheat in the Imagine Song Contest. The founder of the ISC is a part of the NBU, so she was the first one to notice the cheaters.

The NBU council members agreed that the following steps should be taken:

  • All of the users listed above will be banned from NVSC due to cheating
  • Vaneedas (former user of Croatia) might still vote as Croatia in the Semi Final
  • All four countries' votes in the Grand Final of NVSC #8 will be replaced by one associate broadcaster each
  • The four countries will withdraw from NVSC #9
  • The four countries will be accessable for new users on the waiting list
  • The four new HoDs can confirm from NVSC #10 onwards
  • Due to the "low" number of participants in NVSC #9, there won't be a PQR

So Flag of Georgia Georgia was not able to participate in the ninth edition due to the cheating incident explained above.